Nature is a map of the mind

2021-04-28 10:25:59  作者:Photography

The alternation of seasons always comes inadvertently , Now I'm on my way every day , It can be said that all trees are in autumn , The leaves have begun to turn yellow and red , The leaves are colorful , Step on your feet and make a rustling sound . stay “ To write a new word is to say sad ” The age of , See all these fallen leaves , It's sad , Now looking at the fallen leaves on the ground , I sincerely think that this is the most affectionate kiss of fallen leaves to the earth .

Before the outbreak , Every vacation , Always can't wait to find “ Distance and poetry ”, Often ignore the scenery at home . Today, I went all the way, took photos all the way, and sighed all the way , The scenery along the way , It's not too much to describe it as picturesque , The same leaf , There are different colors , It's more exciting than a hundred flowers , The quiet street is also intoxicated by the colorful road , It's like a beautiful landscape painting , Nature describes spring, summer, autumn and winter with different colors all the time , The change of seasons .

I can't help bending down and picking up the leaves of different colors on the ground , Put it in the backpack , I took it back to my office and looked at it carefully for a long time , Every leaf seems to be telling its past , From leaves or buds , To light green , To dark green , And then gradually turn yellow 、 Turn red , In the end, it dries up , Falling with the wind , Every leaf is telling us its story , The final story is sealed in the embrace of mother earth .