Thinking about a package

2021-04-28 10:06:36  作者:Life journey

Today I see a clip like this : Shen Ruoxin, played by Qin LAN in the life of the rational school, faces the boss to give a valuable birthday gift , Said such an experience , When she just graduated and got her first month's salary , Her friend advised her to buy a luxury brand bag as a reward , But she didn't , Because in her opinion , Bought this bag , It means that you have to give up the clothes you usually like to wear , It also means giving up the bus and subway , We have to invest more to match this package , But for her just entering the workplace , Buy a bag like this , You may need to live on instant noodles for some time in the future , Maybe in order to be worthy of this bag, I have to go on the road of buying a car and a house , Live a life that doesn't match your income ability .

Maybe a lot of people don't understand , Where does this truth come from ? Most people think it's just a matter of bags , I'll buy it if I buy it , There are so many follow-up , however , For a person who has a plan for his future , It's not just the present that needs to be considered .

In life , There are a lot of similar people around us , Income, family and ability are similar , But the status quo is very different , The same monthly income of tens of thousands , But some people live a life of mortgage and car loan , Someone's living a single life , Some people are still living in the moonlight , Of course, there are also people who live a life of no burden .

so to speak , The starting point is similar , The destination is very different . let me put it another way , It's different choices that lead each other to different life paths , There is no right or wrong in these , It's just that we have different plans for our own lives .

Actually , Just like Shen Ruoxin's understanding of Bao , Irrelevant ability , It's not about the background , It's not about income , It's just that we have different plans and understandings about our own future , Will have our own life .

Beer barbecue can make a living , White porridge and green vegetables can survive , Abalone and bird's nest can live , It's just different levels , But in the essence of life , It's just a kind of food , As long as life is happy , Have the ability to choose their own range of ability and they can get used to food , It's not too bad ?

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