I don't know who drew Lao Liu. The spring breeze in February is like a knife

2021-04-28 09:38:27  作者:Photography

【 picture 2021 year 4 month 25 It was shot in Qingyi lake, a famous mountain in Ya'an 】

I thought he Zhizhang had seven quatrains 《 Chanting willows 》 Depicting the vitality of spring willow , Beautiful and green , Just like a beauty dressed up , The weeping willow is a graceful silk skirt ; And turn the spring breeze into “ scissors ”, In the spring of February, the girl cut the green leaves , Put new clothes on the earth ——

Make up a tree with Jasper ,

Ten thousand green silk ribbons 1.

I don't know who cut the thin leaves ,

Spring breeze in February is like scissors .

( notes 1: read tao, Ping Sheng , Tapetum , Lace or flat tape woven with silk thread . Make more ornaments on the edge of clothes .)

But I don't want nature to mold willows into a powerful and valiant side , Horizontal escape and oblique exit , Wild uninhibited , Green wave splashes ink , The canopy covers the sky , It's just a beautiful man between heaven and earth ! There are also people in the market who are not ashamed , I have to compete with great Xia he , Also made seven words not quatrains 《 Chanting willows 》:

Thick clouds and green sky ,

The ancient trees are dancing with silk .

I don't know who drew ,

The spring breeze in February is like a painting knife .

With the same scenery, small scenery :

Waiting for the king to come

Wait for your eyes to know

Sichuan Mingshan Qingyi Lake Provincial Wetland Park is located in Mingshan County, Ya'an City , Lake surface 55 Thousands of square meters , Water storage all year round 400 Thousands of cubic meters . There is an island in the lake called Guishan , Surrounded by water , It's made of scallion wood 、 Green bamboo and green tea garden embrace , It's very quiet . There is a golden turtle Pavilion on the island 、 Erwang Pavilion 、 Goddess of Mercy Pavilion . The path in the forest , Straggling and circuitous , Walking in the meantime , hidden but beautiful spot .

Qingyi Lake District is beautiful with green mountains and clear waters , The view is pleasant . Ten mile blue wave , Surrounded by mountains , The mountains are green , Vastness , Wave light . Weeping willows on the bank , Lotus fragrance in lotus pond . Along the banks of the lake, there are trees 、 Charactizing a fine spring , There are also flocks of wild ducks in autumn and winter 、 Waterbirds live here .

( From Baidu Encyclopedia )