In spring

2021-04-28 09:38:13  作者:Photography

spring , It's also called spring , It's the first of the four seasons .

In the folk , I'm used to the lunar calendar 1 month 、2 month 、3 The moon is spring , In terms of Meteorological Statistics , Take the solar calendar as an example 3 month 、4 month 、5 The moon is spring .

Each season contains 6 A solar term , The solar terms in spring are the beginning of spring 、 Rain 、 The Waking of Insects 、 Vernal equinox 、 Qingming 、 Grain Rain , The law of time is about the same 15 God .

The sunshine in spring is mild , Although it's spring in March , But there's still a chill , Not afraid of cold, my friends put on short sleeves too early , But the weather is changeable in spring , Don't for a moment's grace , Ignoring the temperature at this point .

I like the beautiful spring scenery in spring , Spring is warm and flowers are blooming , Charactizing a fine spring . Everything is waking up , The grass came out of the ground , Tender teeth are all over the branches .

Once in a while , There are several spring thunder in the sky , Then , It's raining in spring .

All say , Spring rain is as expensive as oil .

It's fine , Sometimes there is no , All the way down , But it didn't go down much .