Locke's love

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According to legend , One called B612 The planet , It faces the earth in the vast Milky way .B612 The Rock race lives on the planet . Everyone in the Locke race was born , He or she was born with a crystal stone . This crystal is very precious , When it's impossible , Will help the lockers survive . If you lose it , Evil will come to you , Appear in people's dreams every night , Make it restless all day . The rock who lost the crystal stone , When it's serious , It's hard to eat, sleep and breathe , Let alone socialize with people . Crystal stones must be carried with you , Don't give to others . If it's given to someone , Locke will become a “ Hollow man ”.

An era 14000 year , The lockers flew to the center of the galaxy , Leave home , Go to the distant earth for investigation .B612 People on the planet live on water , The last spring in the sea is drying up , Xiaoyu was assigned to the mission this time , Go to the earth to find water .

Xiaoyu is light , Wearing a white cap , Wearing a pink dress , With a pulse accelerator , It took less than three days to reach the earth . Searching the earth for ten days and ten nights , Xiaoyu almost ran out of bees , A device that uses the principle of half-life decay to detect substances . Fortunately, , She found Lake Superior , The largest freshwater lake on earth , It covers an area of 82414 Square meters . This fresh water lake has been depleted by more than half , The environment of the earth is no better than B612 How good is the planet . Fortunately, water was found . Just take part of the water to the vacuum bottle , Bring it back to the planet , By scientists on the planet using experimental equipment for isolation and cultivation , Again 5D Print , You can create new springs . Then the new spring can be copied and pasted by computer , Then we can produce 1000 A spring .1000 A spring is enough B612 People on the planet drink , As long as the original spring is in ,1000 The spring will not dry up .

Xiaoyu thought , It's time to hand over the work . She's sleepy , I fell asleep on the spot . This is a beautiful place , The clouds are thick , The grass is green , There are hundreds of other kinds of fish swimming freely in the lake . Maybe it's the fatigue of the journey , She soon entered a deep dream , Dream of my grandfather who has been dead for many years , And I wrote calligraphy with my grandfather for a long time .

Xiaoyu slept three days and three nights . Wake up , She found herself not by the lake , It's on the balcony of a stranger's house . too bad ! I must have forgotten to turn off the pulse accelerator while I was sleeping , It turns into a time accelerator , Took her on a space transfer .

Fortunately, Xiaoyu had dressed up when he came to earth , Make her look the same as normal people on earth . A handsome boy found her . The height of the boy 175cm about , In black T And blue shorts , Her big black eyes looked at her in surprise , My hair is shiny black , It looks very smart .

The boy asked :“ who are you ? How did you get to my balcony ? By flying ?”

Xiaoyu interprets the boy's words with the chip in his mind , She's a little flustered , I don't know how to answer .

A long time , She imitates the boy's language , replied :“ I came from another time and space , My hometown is not far from your earth , It's called B612 star .”

The boy heard this , Smile ,“ Welcome to earth , New friends , My name is Sidou .”

“ My name is Xiaoyu ”.

“ Why do you look like us ?”

“ It is said that , Our first ancestors were humans .8000 Years ago , The earth has run out of energy once , Our ancestors had to go to B612 The planet seeks new living space . stay B612 When the planet comes down , The environment is very different from the earth , Our internal organs have changed , Now there's only one rectum , We live on water . It's just that it looks the same as people on earth .”

Sidou heard this , Pondered for a moment ,“ Yes , The earth ran out of energy at that time , Another small group of our ancestors returned to underground life ,1000 In the past , There are plants on earth again , The sun is back on the earth , The ancestors slowly moved back to live on the ground .”

Xiaoyu and Sidou have become good friends , She lives in his house , Don't rush home .

Because of her resemblance to human beings , It's very easy to integrate into the earth . She started to mix up in the marketplace . Sidou found an identity for her ID, She began to travel freely through the world of Sidou .

Because Xiaoyu has a chip in his head , She has great data computing power , Also have the ability to never forget , Soon , She became a researcher of celestial intelligence on earth .

There's a new friend at Sidou's house , He was very happy .

He used to be , It's one of the thousands of ordinary workers in this city .25 year , Have a regular job . Get up at noon every day , having dinner , Afternoon 1 Some go to work , Dinner in a hurry at the company , I have to hurry back to the station , All the way to work until the middle of the night , Sometimes even set up a tent to sleep in the company . Thousands of years have passed , Once back to the small peasant society , There are farmers planting rice seedlings , There's a business economy , There is no change in the way people live .

The arrival of Xiaoyu brought him a surprise , They talk about music together , Talking about movies , Talk about plans for the future . Occasionally they work on recipes together , Unfortunately, Xiaoyu can only eat very little at a time , Because she's a rectum , If you take too much food other than water , She has diarrhea .

Since Xiaoyu came here , Sidou brings a sunflower home every day , The moral of sunflower is to be positive , He felt , The way Xiaoyu laughs , It's like a blooming sunflower .

It's sad that , The water of the earth is not like B612 Our water source has been purified and separated . Small areas are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the earth's water resources , She began to blush a lot , Soft limbs , One after another, there was a high fever .

It's so urgent, Sidou . Even if you give Xiaoyu the purest pure water , It didn't seem to make her any better .

At this time, Xiaoyu doesn't want to leave the earth , But she can't survive here , It seems that we have to leave the earth .

“ To live , I want to leave Sidou completely , When I never knew him .” Xiaoyu cried in despair and sorrow . They are not the same kind of people .

Little by little, I got along with Sidou in the past , Have fun playing games together , Let's go out and play together , Cooking together , Read a book together , They used to be so close , Why is it the furthest distance now ?

The fever is very serious this time , Xiaoyu is sometimes sober in the hospital , Sometimes I fall into a coma , Three days and three nights later , She finally regained consciousness .

“ Xiaoyu , You go home , This is not for you .” Sidou is looking at Xiaoyu beside the hospital bed , My eyes are full of tears , There is nothing he can do . He wants to keep Xiaoyu , But I find that I can't do anything .“ If only there were superpowers .” He wants to . Xiaoyu is the woman he really likes , But , They are not people of one world , Countless forces are blocking their union . They don't even have the same genes , It's impossible to have children .

“ Si Dou , I'm all yours .”

Sadness spread in their tears , Xiaoyu lay on the bed with a faint breath , Sidou's lips are gently reflected on her lips , It's an affectionate kiss . Their tears intertwined , Together with heaven and earth, it becomes turbid .

Xiaoyu recovered slowly . They made an appointment to go to Huangshan , A wonderful peak in China . They agreed to , After Huangshan , Xiaoyu goes home . Huangshan is very high , Xiaoyu uses a pulse accelerator to fly with Sidou in the air , Flying to the top of the light . The clouds are thick , The golden sun came out of Phnom Penh , It radiates from all around , Like the light of Buddha . Xiaoyu and Sidou feel the Enlightenment of life .“ Love , Not having , Just keep it in mind .”

On the way back down the mountain , Sidou was in a trance with grief , Walking down the mountain , It's not the way . When you cross a cliff , If he doesn't pay attention , I fell out of the fence next to me . Down the high cliff , Sidou's brain began to die . Xiaoyu flies to Sidou by the pulse accelerator , Crying with grief . She remembered that she had crystals in her body .“ The use of crystal stone is almost to bring the dead back to life , But if you use it , It means that one's life tends to be exhausted , Unless there's a miracle , Or you'll have to die . Locke will slowly lose his memory , Slowly losing energy , With nightmares every night , Having terrible nightmares .”

Xiaoyu can't think much about the consequences , Because she's dying , She's going to save him . She took the chip out of her head , Took out the crystal stone embedded in the chip , It's crystal clear in the palm of your hand , This is the last time she sees it . It has given her so much energy and joy , Gave her the ability to remember , Gave her powerful computing power .

Earth people who use crystal stones , Will forget this memory . This is the law of the universe and the taboo of existence . Earth people can't see Locke chips , If you see , They get greedy , Will be eager to continue to develop technology , Attack B612 star . therefore ,B612 The lockers of the planet at the beginning of chip design , Set the initial program , If you let people from other planets see the chip , It's going to automatically erase his memory . This represents a , Sidou will forget Xiaoyu . Xiaoyu can't think so much , Put the crystal stone into Sidou's body slowly .

The crystal produces a lot of energy , Energy waves are spreading everywhere , Huangshan was shaken , There was also a small earthquake . Xiaoyu watched as the crystal slowly integrated into Sidou's body , He gradually opened his eyes . Because Xiaoyu lost energy , I can't speak any more . She can only look at Sidou foolishly .

Sidou looks at the strange girl in front of her , Looking at myself in tears , I don't know why . It's just the two of them . He started shouting for help , Nearby people on the cable car heard a cry for help , They were rescued by local police . The earthquake and their two trapped in the valley got local attention and major reports . They were both taken to the hospital , Sidou no longer knows Xiaoyu .

After examination, the doctor was surprised to find that , Xiaoyu's internal organs are different from ordinary people , She was protected as a key observer . The news agency reported the mysterious girl in surprise . The doctors asked her where she came from , Xiaoyu is still unable to speak , Her heart began to freeze , To form a hard mass , She's freezing to death . The doctors found that her temperature dropped rapidly , Take her into the incubator .

“ goodbye , Si Dou .” Xiaoyu is sad again , But apart from crying , She can't do anything , I can't say .

A month later , Sidou is discharged from hospital . He's back on earth , As if nothing had happened , Living a regular life at work . It's just , He was curious about the woman who fell with him that day . It's said that she's not from the earth , Is she an alien ? Maybe this is also the cause of the Huangshan earthquake , Maybe he fell down the mountain because of the earthquake , And then I can't remember .

After a few months , He completely forgot about it . He met a lovely girl at Starbucks downstairs , The girl started because her cell phone was dead , Ask him the way , And then they met . soon , The girl became his girlfriend .

Xiaoyu has been lying alone in the warm room of the hospital for three months , Because she doesn't speak , The doctors just focused on her , And reported to the government that aliens were found .

The small domain without crystal becomes “ Hollow man ”. She doesn't eat much food , Wash your face with tears every day , Doctors couldn't understand her grief . Her tears are enough to fill a pool . She drinks less water , The limbs slowly become stiff , The heart has completely turned into ice . She lost her sense of the outside world , The brain chip is no longer working , She is far away from the world . She never belonged to the world , She's just been here , She wants to go home . Maybe it's because mindfulness works , She has nightmares every night and she's scared , I dream of my beloved grandfather for a moment , Take her up the mountain to take pictures and play , Keep her awake .

She lost her parents very early , My grandfather took care of her growing up . Her world has been lonely since childhood , Such a thought , Maybe Sidou shouldn't have appeared in her world . Don't go through it .

It's cold at night , The moonlight poured into the screen like mercury , The crickets around are loud and lively , her B612 The stars hang high in the sky . She used her mind again to save her last bit of strength , Powerless to think about the way home .

Day by day , Until one night , A mysterious visitor came to visit her . The visitor's name is AZU , Of the same genus B612 star . Xiaoyu meets AZU , The frozen heart gradually regained its energy , This is a gift from AZU's magnetic field . He is tall , The eyes are gentle , Between hands and feet , It's all intimacy at first sight .

“ How are you? , Miss Xiaoyu , I saw you on the news , Guess you must have lost the crystal and fell into the valley . I've lost the crystal stone, too . It was a nightmare. It was a nightmare 、 Lost time , The evil god has found me . It was an abyss of life , The abyss stares at me , It makes my life worse than death . Fortunately, I met my later master …… In fact, we have a group of people already living on the earth , And keep our energy intact . today , I'm here to give you crystal stones .“

Xiaoyu swept away the haze of many days in the hospital , She's back in her own world , And met the same kind , Although there are tears in the corner of the eye .

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