Like water

2021-04-28 09:33:00  作者:Literary FM

Love is like water

You're coming in silence

When I leave, there is no comfort to say goodbye

Water is the bud of youth

The charming fragrance rippling out

Let me not be tired

You slowly trickle out of the rugged path

I gently explore the ambiguous fragrance


Sometimes you're slow, sometimes you're in a hurry

How can I break your barriers


You're small and you're big

Shed sweat and gather the beauty of the world

How can I kiss your skin without being tired

Like water

You never fell in love with the depth of the land

Looking up at the unreachable hypocrisy of the sky

Maybe that's what life is like

Who do you love

You are still moved to stick to the fort

Like water

You walk into it

Hold up a tear

I'll leave you in the river

I wish you water

No more tender empathy

Bury the beauty in the charming fragrance of spring and summer

Drink wine and dip in ink, I'll taste it alone

May you have no regrets in your life

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