Jimit the little mouse -- birthday party

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Gimmett the little mouse ---- Birthday party

today , It's Jimmy's birthday . Two days ago , Mom said she was going to buy a big cake for Jimmy .

Kimmett has been thinking about who to invite to his birthday party for a long time .

He's going to invite bessica , Bessica often plays games with him , He will always be given something to eat .

He's going to invite Maurice . Mosey's a good guy . Once Jimmy was criticized by his teacher . It's mikeka who's coming to hang out with him , Running with him .

He's going to invite Billy , Katemi , Why , I can't finish it all night , All in all, these are his good friends .

“ Gimmett , Why didn't you call your cousin Pipie ?”

“ I'm not going to call him , He didn't help me in the last exam .”

“ It's right that people don't help you , The examination should be honest , If others help you, they will hurt you .”

“ Anyway , Anyway , I just don't invite him , He , He still owes me a key .” Kimmett said angrily .

11:30, Here comes bessica , After a while, Billy , Katemi , Morsey's here, too , They all brought gimmett a birthday present .

Bessica's present is a birthday card , The card says : Gimmett , My best friend , happy birthday to you ,haapy birthday to you!

Billy sent a diary with a picture of Jerry .

Momosi sent a bag of rice balls .

these , They're all gimmett's favorite gifts , Gimmett was so happy .

at noon , Mom brought up the birthday cake , Children, one by one , And sang a birthday song to gimmett . Mosey ate the most cake , I dip the cream around my mouth , It's lovely , Everyone laughed , Say morsey is a big face .

After eating the cake , We played hide and seek again , It's five o'clock in the afternoon when I go home . Although I'm happy today , But the only drawback is that Pipi didn't come , Gimmett's a little sorry again , It's better to call PI er , What if Pipi knew it , There was a murmur in gimmett's heart , The key is hanging , He's not going to ask Pipie any more .

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