Cry when autumn touches

2021-04-28 09:32:46  作者:Literary FM

《 I cry at the touch of autumn 》

—— remember 2013 What a disastrous July

The earth cried , The river cried , I cried at the funeral
I cry at the touch of autumn

Someone's holding a dim light
There are people guarding the old boat
Someone used the night to mend the roof drain

Late at night , There's no horseshoe noise
The leaves fall , Sorrow will live

The children wake up
I cry at the touch of autumn


《 Small 》

The earth is small , The sky is small
The world is small, too
They all live in my eyes

The world is very small , My eyes are small, too
It's just a small part of my body

My eyes are very small , I'm small, too
I'm just a dust in the world


《 Praise 》

Everything is praising
Everything will be praised ……

Graves praise free souls
The night praises the lost firefly

Dusk praises the tired sunset
The river praises the infatuated bank

The distance praises the pace of trekking
The earth praises the ascetic believers

I try to praise , All this is praised
All this is praised , And will be praised for a long time


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