Dad, I miss you

2021-04-28 09:32:39  作者:Literary FM

dad , I'm sitting here , It's raining outside

dad , I'm very happy today

In the rain curtain that can't be lifted

I'm empty handed

dad , I'm sitting here

Happy every day

but , I can't hold a raindrop

I'm in a desolate city in the rain


People passing by take umbrellas

People in the room hide their faces

How to lift the rain curtain

How to express this emotion

I give vanity back to vanity

I take hard work as atonement

Let the victory of victory

Let the vanity of vanity

I don't know the sin of atonement

I'm still sitting here today

Everything is going up

Towards the sun hidden in the rain

Today I'm sitting here


Now I don't care about humans , I just miss you .

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