Missing my uncle (2021116)

2021-04-28 08:56:14  作者:Life journey

I dreamt about my uncle again last night , That used to be the one where everyone didn't think much of me , He's always a hopeful person for me . I was the only one who made me feel love when I was young , But I haven't waited for him yet , He has already left !

There was his clear face that I could touch in my dream last night ; In my dream, I watched him looking for me all over the room , I hid it ; In my dream, I watched him anxiously looking for me , I'm so happy ; In my dream, I nestled in his arms and joked with him ; In the dream, he showed a loving smile to my child … Wake up but tears wet pillow towel !

If time can go back , When I knew he was ill, I should give up the job at hand , Even if you quit , I should be by his side, too , But time really can't go back , Only leave me deep regret !

When I later learned from other people that when my uncle was dying , And recite my name , At that moment, my whole body was frozen , Why didn't you tell me earlier ? Why don't you let me know until it's irreparable ? Think about how disappointed my uncle would have been , Once he loved the person who was regarded as his favorite little daughter , In the end, he didn't see it again , He had to be so upset !

I just want to say sorry to my uncle ! Today I write this article in memory of my uncle , May he know , I'm still his favorite little daughter , I still miss him ! I still love him very much ! No one can replace him in my life !

Now I'm in tears , But no amount of tears can be retrieved , I wish I could meet him in my next life …

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