"Only spell out the beauty, not wait for the glory" said

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writing / Autumn leaves

Get up in the morning , See the dew on the flowers , This is the end of life , And this end of life , It's the way to live and the rule of life that every adult of us is constantly busy every day .

Time seems to wake up , Running straight ahead !

1. Emotion ! Shake and shake !

Man is an emotional animal , When our emotions can be relaxed between ourselves , It's a complete realization , There is a good saying , Not pleased by external gains , Not saddened by personal losses , We have to release our emotions , Release your communication , Release what's deep in your heart , It's the power of living transformed by different people in communication .

I am often moved by some words, some pictures and some classic plays , It's because I have love and affection in my heart and can be moved , And a lot of people in the real world , A lot of people don't have feelings , Because the package is tight , Do not want to release also dare not release, afraid of being looked down upon by others and wronged themselves , So I lost to the distance .

Because I can't see myself clearly , Just seeing people , So a lot of time was wasted . Because every aspect of people is very simple , Or a name , Or it's standing , There are few people who do not seek fame or profit , But the people with the name and interest , Everyone has different perspectives and opinions , It's normal to have a picture name and a title , Because everyone has to survive , There are different ways of drawing names and profits .

In normal fame and fortune , Some people will choose to be greedy , Some people choose mindfulness , Some people will choose to give up , Some people will choose to have a try , And more ………

It's better to see that sentence ,“ Only spell out the beauty , There is no resplendence waiting !” Heart to the sun , Born to fight !

28 I made a wish to the sky : May I be gentle for the rest of my life ! But it's been a long time , I just in that early morning gentle prop up a variety of strength ! Let emotion not go wrong choice !

Take emotion seriously , Communicate emotions seriously , Knowing you is the treasure of my emotions , The source of power comes from love ! We can be gentle together !

Another 20 years of tenderness , Twenty years of pride and twenty years , Another 20 years .

2. Have a rest. !

There were two activities during this period , Burn out , I think it has something to do with age , When I was young , Do some activities and things and sleep for one night , Approaching 50, On the contrary, I feel that there is really a good coordination and communication between body and mind and work , Good company , Good friends , I still need to make time for myself to relax , Rest is to do better later , The more you use your time, the more you have to have a good rest , It's not that you can get it if you're tired , Time is tight for adults , Try to open the day !

Compared with many times , Looking at people who work hard , Successful people , So rich and have a house , Still spelling like that ? Dong Qing 、 Yang Lan 、 Chen Shu, a modern intellectual beauty , Modern Yang Jiang , Lin Huiyin is an intellectual woman , Continuous creation 、 sublimation , What for? ?

This time with my 60-70-year-old uncle 、 sister 、 Brothers can feel different when they rehearse together , Miss Wang Yali is serious 、 be responsible for 、 Take on , Their physical condition , But still insist on , It shows their beauty and the feeling of butterflies flying , I think I'm the same , Everyone has to go through this change of age and year , Therefore, we should spare no effort to have a sense of responsibility .

Miss Wang said :“ I accepted the task , We have to work hard to finish it !”

Sun Tuan :“ I believe in Mr. Wang !”

Mr. Wang appealed to the teachers :“ We only have four days , If you participate, you have to finish the task seriously !”

There are eight of them , All the teachers have blossomed brightly in their retirement life !

The host that day said :“ We are old , Is that going to happen ?”

Our friends said :“ We are old , I wish I could do the same ?”

I said, :“ It must be better !”

The spirit and the mind are supported by themselves , isn't it? ?

Meet Xiao Xuan Ge Ge and sister Yan of the running group , In a busy life , Hold on every day 5 km , In sharing , More people insist on it , What's the reason why I don't keep going any further ?

3. Servility

The sorrow in the world is not so long , A healing period by period , Rebirth after rebirth in a different world , We find ourselves on the road to perfection !

The goose feather snowflake that day created the fairy tale world , And we can't be bound by primitive ideas , Can't be dominated by the original family , Can't be decadent by waiting for a long time , The beautiful fairy tale world is created by faith and innovative ideas .

“ My life depend on myself not the fate !” It's on the show !

I watched a lot of gongdou dramas , A little girl who doesn't care about the world still lives in simple care , When the experience of falling from the sky and being calculated , When others are looking for the law of existence , Who made who ?

In order to complete the mission, the lurks in the Spy Drama , Tenacity at all costs , It's the incompetence of the opposition , Or the power of the lurk . It's a strong belief , It's a gesture of acceptance .

and 1% The possibility of creating 100% The perfection of . After seeing the morning, I always think , The logic between a fool and a wise man , It's hard to predict !

When book friends are worried about the impossible , Be clear with the same goal , When it's perfect on stage , When unusual conventions are broken , What's on your mind? ? Can you change your mind ? Do you think it was an accident ?

When the teacher and I had a flashing program for four days , The strange clown said goodbye to himself with pity

When a person, a path, a mind is established 、 Verified 、 When innovated , In the sense of seeking a kind of higher than a quarter , But the hasty person hides to want to see later joke , Is that possible? ?

It's servility that drives you , The law of survival in waiting !!!

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