Baby listening to the rain

2021-04-28 07:50:11  作者:Photography

“ Sleep in spring , Hear birds everywhere , Wind and rain at night , How many flowers do you know .” After the rain , If there is more rain .

Wake up in the morning , Tick by tick , The spring rain outside the window , With its unique cool and bright , Leisurely , Walk slowly in the boundless sky . Rain dancing beautiful posture will connect heaven and earth into a piece , smoke , As the fog , Like yarn , They are full of love for life , Gently stroking the mountains and rivers full of spring , Like a holy hand full of spirit , Where it passes , It's green , The sky is brighter , The trees are greener , The mountains are greener .

Raindrops are like crystal clear pearls ,“ PATA —” Dripping on the ground , One drop is broken into several pieces , Splashing a little rain flower ; With a start and “ Click ” One fell , Although only for a moment , But it's beautiful .

“ baby , Look, it's raining outside . listen , Rusty , We can't go out .” The baby seems to believe , Run to the French window and open the door , He leaned his head to see what happened .“ Come on , baby , Move a small bench , Sit at the door and watch the rain .” therefore , Sit in front of the glass door and listen to the rain . I took this picture of listening to the rain so attentively , Don't feel a touch in your heart .