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This morning , Happy to read the famous Internet writer [ Jiang Kunyuan ][Jiang Kunyuan] The teacher's 《[ A novel | Notes on wild lotus root 81][A novel _ Notes on wild lotus root 81]》, I'm not exaggerating , It's the truth , The writer's novel is quite good . The good thing is that this novel is easy to read , It's also very attractive to read . The writer writes in a relaxed style , Let's write about the heavy topic of Alan's pregnancy after he was humiliated by the scum man , It's not just exciting , And it will let the kind-hearted readers , For poor Alan, a very compassionate tear .

The writer portrays Alan , It should be a positive image , But the writer doesn't like the vulgar writer to portray the character of Alan with facial makeup , At least Alan was taken from his life and above his life , It's not perfect , But the image of a simple, kind and cowardly young woman is pitiful .

Alan because of these characters , And in real life , Young women like Alan , There were a lot of them back then , She is representative to a certain extent , therefore , She sees the world too well , She doesn't know much about the world , I don't know that people are dangerous , She didn't know that she had been watched since she was a salesman in a supply and marketing cooperative .

She was targeted by sister Tang , Sister Tang has an affair with Jiang tianqiang , Of course she was jealous of Alan , Make trouble for Alan everywhere . Sister Tang has no intention of breaking the abacus from Alan , In the river, the wood was washed away , It's all Alan's fault , It's a crime , is never wanting , It also depicts the image of sister Tang who is shameless and resentful because of love .

Alan is targeted by Jiang tianqiang , Jiang tianqiang is full of blood , Since living with sister Tang , It's very cheap , He saw Alan, whom his father saw as his daughter-in-law , And I'm salivating , I want to occupy myself . He helped Alan out several times , In fact, it's the weasel's New Year greeting to the chicken —— No good intentions . Alan was unconsciously coaxed to have dinner with him , I went to the cinema with him again 《 Lushan love 》. At the movies , To keep my poor job , She endured his indecency in all ways , Finally, I was humiliated on my way home , Unfortunately, it's a pearl fetus .

And poor Alan didn't know that he was pregnant , Because she doesn't know anything about it . It's at this time that writers , Tell the truth through the old four , And make Alan's heart go haywire , She rushed to the hospital for examination , So the story begins .

Just as the writer wrote about Alan's pregnancy , He wrote the same thing with the method of taking the silk out of the cocoon , The writer wrote that Alan went to the hospital to check her pregnancy , It's also a step-by-step plot , First, she asked her junior high school classmate Wang Jue for help , Then Wang Jue will take her to Doctor Zhang for examination . Although it is mainly through the dialogue of characters to develop the plot , But it's very graphic , It's a sense of substitution , It makes people feel like they are on the scene , I have to admire the writer's ability to control language .

What Wang Jue told Alan about is how to take protective measures when you are with your boyfriend , And joking that they haven't been pregnant for years , Alan, just change with someone else , And Doctor Zhang joked with Wang Jue , In fact, the writer deliberately uses this relaxed atmosphere , Let's talk about the heavy topic of Alan's pregnancy after abusing her . The author's artistic charm is shocking , exciting , Copy from rolia , More aroused sympathy for Alan .

[Jiang Kunyuan]:[A novel _ Notes on wild lotus root 81]:

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