Honghuang tianpen puzzle 120

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The cicada insect family marches along the green foothills and broad plains to the south of the vast clear water , Go south to find the place they like , A rising river in the rainy season finally stopped them . They use stone hoes to level the ground on the green terrace , Use a stone axe to cut down the branches and rebuild the shelter , He also built a tall house for cicada insects with thick wood , Build your own new home . Not far behind the new home are the mountains with dense forests , There is a vast plain ahead , At the end of the plain is still the vast sea , There are always low mountains stretching out to the black islands and winding mountains in the distant sea .

The new home will be built soon , The lovely little cicada was born here , This is the new hope of the cicada tribe when they come to a new place . The old cicada was dressed in black linen , With a black headscarf , Hold the little cicada in your arms and look at it carefully , He held up the little cicada , It's like seeing the rising sun from the vast sea again . They are happy to take this place as the hometown of the little cicada , So it's called “ Insects ”. Small cicada insects grow high day by day on the green terrace and the rippling lakeside , There are people who used to follow the footprints of the old cicada insects to join them . Their tribe is growing , Many people have built more houses near them . They cut down trees to build houses , Cut the dead grass and build the roof , Soon many houses were built around the houses of the cicada family , It's not a small tribe . At the fireworks party , People have put up again on the roof of their former tribal chief, with double purposes like a brass bell “ Cicada insects ” Head portrait .

I've been here for a long time , Hunting is the main source of their lives . The mountain behind the house has become an inexhaustible treasure , There are buffalo hidden in the rolling mountains 、 A wild boar , And jackals, tigers and leopards , Elk and elephant often come to the plain in front of their home and the sea by the lake to eat and cool . After breakfast every day , The young hunters went to the mountains with bows and arrows on their backs, looking for the nourishment they needed for their life , Improve their lives , Carry back a prey . Bring the game back to the hunt , The number of borrowed things is recorded on the wooden platform in the house with stones , Knot a knot and record it on the rope by the door . They put the captured buffaloes and pups in captivity , He gradually became a good helper in farming .

Slowly someone began to start farming again . Spring is coming , The young and handsome cicada is standing high “ Cicada insects ” The wooden house of totem . The warm sunshine penetrates the clouds of early spring and shines on the green grass and terrace , Little bird “ squeak ” My song , A little smoke rose from the roofs all around .

The heavy plows are back in their spring plowing land , People carry stone hoes 、 The mallet and the heavy plow came into the platform 、 The land on the hillside , Put up the cattle and start plowing . The cattle move steadily with the women's pace , The man holds the plow in his left hand and the thin branch in his right hand to urge the two buffaloes , Wet soil “ Whoosh ” To the other side of the plow . Cicada insect wearing a black silk sweater walking on the ridge of the field , The girls and boys working in the fields nodded to the cicada insects one after another . Cicadas walk into their own countryside , Give what you have to your right hand , Gently put into the chest of the arms , Then he bent down to pick up the gavel and followed the plow behind with his family , Break up big pieces of soil .

barley 、 Wheat 、 soybean 、 The vegetables have been planted , Mulberry trees begin to produce bulging calyx . So the cicada family and the families around them began to renovate their houses again , It has gradually developed into a city-state market town with dense population and numerous houses , The cicada insect naturally became their leader , What's the big thing , People will consciously come to cicada's house and ask him to solve it . Little cicada insects grow into adults every day .

Early in the morning , After breakfast, the little cicada walked slowly along the path of the terrace and the green grass , Next to the lake is still far away from the sea , An Osprey flies high , With sharp eyes, I patrol the lake . All of a sudden , It folded its wings and turned into a sharp arrow ,“ Cha ---”, Dive deep into the bottom of the lake , In a moment , The Osprey brought a big fish out of the water , The big fish sways its tail fin in its mouth . A melodious song floated into the cicada's ears with the early morning breeze , The cicada insect looks up at the song , A beautiful girl in pink silk dress is standing on the green lawn grazing a few cattle and sheep . The beautiful picture seeps into the mind of the cicada , Follow the beautiful voice , Look at the beautiful girl , He came to the girl gently . He listened to the beautiful song of nature , Quietly looking at the fairy like pure and beautiful girl , Completely immersed in happiness that never existed . When the song stops , The girl saw the cicada insect watching her affectionately not far away , The beautiful girl covered her face shyly with her hands .

Huajuan is the most beautiful girl in the tribe . The handsome cicada came to the girl through the green grass , He stretched out his hands and gently broke off the girl's white hands , A pretty pink face appeared in front of the cicada .“ Oh , What a beautiful face it is , What a beautiful pair of eyes .”

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