Meet an old friend by chance

2021-04-28 07:48:10  作者:Life journey

Meet an old friend , Think of the past , Let's have a feeling !

She's still beautiful , Smile in the eyes . In fact, I didn't know it very well before , But once in a while , She's always very enthusiastic , And it's natural and generous from the heart , Do nothing .

She's a girl with a story . Of course , Most beautiful girls have stories , And what's more, she had a good family back then . I don't know where I heard it : A beautiful girl and a handsome boy , Two superior families , The once playful little handsome guy becomes single-minded after meeting the girl .

Everything is so perfect .

It's just that something happened to the girl's family later , My father died of a sudden illness , My younger brother is still young …… At that time, she was just a 28 woman . I heard they didn't have any more, and then .

More than 20 years later , One day, I met by chance in the street , She recognized me at a glance . When you say hello , I'm kind of in a trance , It's like we used to know each other ! I remember a shy and lovely girl . however , The rapid time has led us to no doubt , Life is enough to make a person beyond recognition , not so bad , She has a brilliant smile on her face !

It makes me feel comforted , I admire you . I think , It's hard to avoid bumps for everyone , Bravely survive , Everything will be fine .

Today, two people wearing masks met by chance at the corner of the street , She smiles at me from afar , I'm in a trance . I'm tired of staying up late and worrying , And she's still beautiful . Think of her experiences , The more I admire her strength and optimism , that Maybe it's a gift of time , Maybe it's the spoils of her fight with life .

As long as you don't fall , Life is under your feet ! I think , I should learn from this beautiful girl .

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