A minute's habit of wonderful life

2021-04-28 07:27:12  作者:Photography

These are my three favorite sentences in the book .

  1. Everything can't last long if it's too hard , Finally, I was exhausted , No sense of achievement .

Something you're forced to do , Only for a short period of time , It's hard to hold on forever ! Now , I regard sports as something I have to do every day now and in the future , If it's just to lose weight and barely exercise , It's hard to keep going , But if the purpose of exercise is to make yourself healthy and graceful , Take it as an interest and enjoyment , It's easy to stick to it .

  1. If you only believe in good things , The heart will be full of positive energy , When the positive energy is greater than the negative energy all the time, we will be very happy .

occasionally , I worry about whether something will turn out to be bad , But it turns out that worry doesn't work , On the contrary, it only makes me sad . Of course, if you can think of the worst and be prepared to accept it , So as to reduce the biggest loss , I'm in favor of that . Now I am more willing to believe that I will be very happy in the future , Also willing to believe in the power of this idea .

  1. It is said that if you write your wish on paper , Put a picture of someone you like with a smile under your pillow , Or you can sleep better with it .

I believe the same is true , How many lovers in the world are hard to get married , And how many people miss each other , Love not ! therefore , It's a very, very happy thing to have people who love each other , This alone , It's enough to make yourself happy ! I also believe , I am sure I can have my own love !