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Miss Wang Huiqi ( Right ) In Shajiabang , In the middle is me

1 month 9 Japan , I am here [ Jiang Kunyuan's Island ][Jiang Kunyuan_s Island] A message was published 《 Don't worry : There is a flower by the lake 》:

Just received 《 Don't worry 》2020 year 12 Monthly magazine , I read an article written by Mr. Wang Huiqi 《 There is a flower by the lake 》, This article is still 《 Jiangnan times 》, Netease News and other platforms .

Teacher Wang Huiqi was 《 Oriental stars 》 Editor in chief ,1999 I published thirty or forty essays in this magazine in , And teacher Wang Huiqi has written more than ten articles about me since then , These articles are included in his book , I'm deeply honored , And burned my passion for writing .

《 Don't worry 》2020 year 12 month

You see ,《 There is a flower by the lake 》 Account for the 《 Don't worry 》 A layout , Please read :

Three of the seven books were published by his hometown guwuxuan publishing house . Two of them are medium length novels ( One is called 《 Snake Island 》, A contemporary legend on Yangcheng Lake ; One is called 《 swallow 》, Write a historical story that happened at the end of Qing Dynasty ), Another one is about the history of personal struggle and entrepreneurship , The name of the book is 《 Forty is youth 》. The time of publication is respectively 2018 year 12 month 、2019 year 6 month 、2020 year 8 month . A publishing house pushes a writer's work so intensively , This seems to be rare . From a business point of view , The author's book has sold well in the market, and the publishing house is at least satisfied . And as a native writer , Local publishers are willing to recommend you over and over again , It also proves that you have a firm foothold on this site . As an old editor who has been engaged in publishing for most of his life , He is also an old friend of Kun yuan , I'm happy and proud of him .

There is a characteristic in Teacher Wang Huiqi's prose , Like poetry . Yes , He was a famous prose poet in the 1980s , His prose poems have caused great repercussions , At that time, a " There is Wang Guozhen in the north , There is Wang Huiqi in the south " The said .

1999 year , Teacher Wang Huiqi is my collection of essays 《 Simple spring 》 He wrote a preface 《 Keep an eye on Jiang Kunyuan 》, I didn't start my own business at that time , He just sent me these five words in poetic language , It gives me an infinite power , I have to do something big , To 2002 year 9 month , I started my own business . Really? , My entrepreneurial motivation is also encouraged by teacher Wang Huiqi , His words have been inspiring me to work hard .

I wrote a book about my father 《 Green leaves miss the roots 》 After publication , Wang Huiqi said , As hard as your father 、 Party members and cadres with clean hands are worth writing , Later, his book review of my father was published by the Jiangsu provincial Party committee 《 The life of the party 》 The magazine , My father had never been in a magazine like this before , But a few years after his death, he became famous in the party magazine .

therefore ,《 Don't worry 》、《 The life of the party 》 These two magazines , I want to treasure it , Because there is my writing written by Mr. Wang Huiqi on it , His words are also precious , It's worth collecting .

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