Xu Zhimo talks about friends

2021-04-28 07:18:39  作者:Life journey

This article is excerpted from Xu Zhimo 《 Growing flowers on the beach 》 One article

Friends are a luxury : Not to mention snobbery , That's not a friend , True friends are acquaintances , But it's not easy to get to know each other , You have to open people's hearts , You have to open your own first , You have to hold other people's hearts in your heart , You have to put your heart in someone else's heart first ; The mutual circulation of sincerity or true disposition , It's a friend's secret , It's the joy of friends . But it means you have enough in your heart , There is plenty of spiritual activity , It's open all the time , Let's talk about it , Like a spring in the mountains , Flow into the groove of your compassion ; Sometimes you have to take risks , You have to spend money , You have to fight against the rocks of bad surprise , From the thorny grass to the patient way finding , It was hard at that time , The pain , Consume , It's possible , You are as smart as water , Water like meekness, compassion seeking heart can find peace and happiness before .

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