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2021 year 4 month 27 Japan Tuesday Fine

This morning, 5 I received a very long wechat at more than ten o'clock , The initial title is “ Dr. Hu ”, And my name is Huang , Now there are so many Internet frauds , therefore , I thought it was a liar , But with more communication with this man , Found that this is a real help letter , Later she told me that she had written the last name wrong , She also called out my full name , The way I look is still in her mind . That's what she wrote :

Dear Dr. Hu :

Good morning ! I am a 2012 year 10 month 13 Noon 12 when 7 Share the lives of our mother and daughter saved by you , This wechat belongs to my husband , Just saw your wechat , It seems that he has seized another straw to save his life .

You are the Savior of our mother and daughter ! Your love makes our family recover from the lowest point of life to the past happiness ! My daughter is very sensible , She asked me to tell her about her birth almost every once in a while , Often talk about : When you grow up, you must see you who gave her a second life , Let's make sure we keep your contact information .

Too many people have been saved by you , You may not remember who I am , Our family will never forget the great kindness of you and all the leaders and doctors in our hospital !

The child is outstanding in school , It's only third grade right now , Our family is in poor mountain area , She worked as a teacher at school “ Little monitor ”, The teachers and students like her very much . She often speaks on stage in school , He became the smallest host of literary and artistic programs in the school , These make me sweet to the heart !

Because my risk of having two children was the most serious in the whole hospital , Every time the experts of your hospital often hold a meeting to consult me , Half a month after I gave birth, I transferred to cardiology , You often visit me in the Department of Cardiology , It's your love that gives me the courage to survive , Thank you so much …… These selfless love I always remember in the deepest heart .

When I had two children , It shook the whole hospital and the whole town , I'm not in good health ,07 The sequelae of perinatal cardiomyopathy , It made me a hypertensive heart attack , Over the years, although the family situation in my hometown is the poorest one , But with my husband's deep love and children's company, our family is very happy .

But just a few days ago, a sudden accident disrupted our peace , My husband fell when he was working on the construction site , Disrupted our old peace , I'm really helpless right now , He was in ICU Four days , I spend my days outside like a year , Just like he was worried about me , I still believe that the power of love can overcome all diseases , It's another emotional test for our husband and wife , We love each other more than our lives .

I'd like to send you my husband's examination results , Do you have time to ask the neuro orthopedic doctor who is with you ? When the kids get older , When the family conditions are better, I will repay you for saving your life , He had multiple fractures , I'm conscious , I'm very dizzy , I've been bothering you so early , I'm sorry , See forgiveness !

She wrote so much , I can't remember who this man is , More than eight years , It's been a lot of , I've also met a lot of patients , therefore , It may not be impressive . However , A doctor's greatest sense of accomplishment is to be cared about by the patients he has treated , I've been abused by doctors a thousand times , Still love it without regret is because of the patient's gratitude and trust .

I have been studying in Beijing for more than a year , In Enshi, my hometown, there are still many patients looking for me on the Internet , Although I go to work by myself 、 I'm very busy studying , But still try to help them solve their problems online . Can help others , I also feel very happy , And the patient always remembers me , In her most painful 、 I always think of me when I am most helpless , It's also very gratifying for me .

I remember an old patient came to see me all the time , Hemiplegia due to cerebral infarction , She was still in a wheelchair, pushed by her husband and found me , She said she was better and wanted to see me . occasionally , After long contact with patients, they become friends , Maybe she doesn't need any treatment from you , She just wanted to talk to you 、 Chat , For this reason, we will try our best to 、 Come a long way to you . A word from you 、 A look 、 A gentle act will warm her up , Let her have the courage to live .

She sent it to me through her lover's wechat

As long as the patient finds me , I always try my best to help them , Maybe sometimes the ability is limited , It's not necessarily helpful , however , I always try to find a way to solve some problems for them . The family member of the patient asked me to help her consult an expert , I happened to be working in the Third Hospital of Peking University “ Visiting scholars ”, Some of our students in Peking University's domestic visiting scholar class studied in the Department of orthopedics of this hospital , You know, in addition to the reproductive center of Beisan Hospital , The best is sports medicine .

I sent the results of this man's examination to Dr. Lu, a classmate in the Department of orthopedics , Students said that there is no intracranial hematoma formation is lucky , This situation requires close observation of the condition , There will be dizziness 、 Have a headache , You can't chew because of a fracture around the insertion of the masticatory muscle , To strengthen nutrition , And frontal lobe injury, mood swings , Good temper . I admire his professional analysis .

however , That's all I can do , I'm just an obstetrician after all , Every walk is like a mountain , A lot of things need to be taught . And her wife's hospital is far away from Jiangxi , For them, I'm not nearly thirsty . I don't know the doctors there either , It's really out of reach . But this family has a lot of trust in me , And asked me to say :

If conditions permit , If you can help me, please contact the doctor here , Save my husband with the best medical care , My mother-in-law is disabled 20 many years , He is the burden of the whole family , The gap between doctors is thousands of times more than that of our families , We're out of town now , No family, no friends , It's up to you , Our family in need will always remember your kindness !

Which side have you communicated with , Even a little greeting , At least we won't do anything about it .

Actually , The family member of the patient who asked for help thought too much , Almost all doctors have a good heart 、 A kind heart , They all want patients to be cured in their hands , No doctor wants to cure a patient . No matter where , The principles of treatment are the same , The treatment plans given by hospitals of the same level are similar , There's really no need to doubt what the doctor who is treating himself will do .

Of course , There is no denying that a small group of black sheep have made a hole in our doctor industry , This small group of people makes ordinary people begin to distrust all doctors , One shot knocked over a boat of people , Let the doctor-patient relationship become more and more tense , It's heartbreaking .

I used to be a country doctor , I came out of the poor mountain area and studied in Beijing , I have witnessed with my own eyes that many excellent doctors at the grassroots level have devoted their whole lives to patients , I also met many top experts in professional fields in Beijing 、 professor , They also serve patients wholeheartedly , In clinical 、 Outstanding contributions have been made in the field of scientific research . The doctors I saw , From the grassroots to the top, there are few people with corrupt medical ethics , Most of them have a kind heart .

therefore , I hope the patient's family can trust the doctors who worked hard to treat her lover , these ICU My doctor is absolutely devoted to her lover's early recovery . I can guarantee that with my personality . Of course , I'll help her to consult experts , in addition to , I don't think I can do much , She still has to firmly believe in her lover's doctor in charge . That's the most important thing .

She also transferred money to me 、 Hand out red envelopes , Let me ask my colleagues to communicate , Don't let me flip . Of course I won't take her money , Their family was so poor , Besides, I can't help them at all . I don't accept it , She also sent a wechat saying :

You can take it , It's just a little thought , My husband always pays attention to your circle of friends , Teach children to study hard , Take her to see you when she is a little promising in the future !

If you can help them , Of course I would , however , It has nothing to do with money , It's just a true love , Money can't buy love . It's natural for a doctor to pay for a patient , As long as the patient remembers himself, he will be happy , Money can't buy this happiness , Where will they accept their red envelopes !

The super moon tonight is big and round , I'm standing on the balcony , Thinking about this patient I've treated , Although I don't know who she is , however , I know the sincere gratitude in her heart , That's enough . Who says there is no true love between doctors and patients ? This kind of friendship is really comradeship in arms in a trench ! Doctors and patients fight against the enemy of disease together , Finally, we will go to the final victory together !

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