The ignorant are fearless

2021-04-28 06:05:44  作者:Life journey

India is out of control , It's almost like a tsunami , The root cause is , It's the ignorance of the Indians that makes them fearless .

And this brave ignorance , From the top , The common people at the bottom , They all have . for example , At the beginning of the epidemic , India claims , They don't have novel coronavirus pneumonia , This is due to the fact that India has a mother river that can purify itself — Ganges . It's said , The Ganges has a very strong flow , People on the ground can't bear it , A Ganges goddess named Shiva came down from the sky . The Ganges not only often travel in tiny clothes , And she sank to the bottom of the Ganges , With wisps of her black hair , Divide the Ganges into several tributaries , So the velocity of the Ganges is not too fast , The residents of the land can gradually adapt to it .

It's because they believe too much that the holy water of the Ganges will bring new life to the infected people , therefore , Only the leader above can say that , They're going to beat the epidemic completely . therefore , They're also running for election , It's not appropriate to think that we can breathe a sigh of relief , Make a mess of things , Like campaign parties and Hindu parties . It's just what they want , They finally got together .

Actually , wrong , They said they didn't have a new crown , In fact, it's to decorate the facade , And those who conceal or falsely report the epidemic situation , There is no lack of moisture and greasy . This kind of operation of "die to face, live to suffer" , Once coaxed the outside people to envy it , Many netizens once wrote articles praising India's mother river —— The water of the Ganges , It's the holy water for all diseases , It contains many good elements that can cure all kinds of diseases .

thus , Indians are more confident , They think of themselves as Superman , Not only to the Ganges to participate in the big pot Festival, a gathering of 100 million people , Millions of people bathed in the Henghe River to celebrate the victory of anti epidemic . Looking back more than a year , They drink cow urine to fight neocoronavirus , They bathe in flying cow dung , Intoxicated with the smell of fresh grass in cow dung , They think, at least mentally, that they have resisted the new coronavirus , So they're by the Ganges and in the Ganges , That's singing and dancing , Celebrate the victory of the fight against the epidemic .

Little imagine , The new coronavirus is in the heavy drinking cow urine and flying cow dung , And people's parties , Quickly double the spread of the epidemic . They don't really know , Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not prevented and cured by cow urine and cow dung , As for gathering , It accelerated the spread of the epidemic , In fact, it is quite different from anti epidemic . These deserve our special attention , And learn from it , We must not repeat the same mistakes . Of course, we don't worship cow urine and dung here , It's not going to happen at all , But we can't be careless , We still need to pay attention to science , Get the vaccine , Wash hands before meals , Wear a mask when you go out , Keep a safe distance of one meter between people , Don't get together , Before the last resort , Don't have a party or something . The whole people fight against the epidemic , Go steady and go far .

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