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Read a lot , Often experience , The perspective is broad .

Make good use of mobile phones “ Wide Angle ” function , The picture is full .

Last few of my recent “ Wide Angle ” An exercise

Encounter repeated, such as copy and paste The goal of , It's very good to use wide angle , If you sail on a wide surface , When these objects are still mirrored in the water , The picture is more interesting

It reminds me of “ A forest ” The origin of the word ,“ Sen ” and “ Lin ” These two words are “ wood ” Over and over again . You feel like the forest is vast and endless , It's what you see over and over again “ wood ” Standing there

We said “ unique ”,“ stand head and shoulders above others ” It's a kind of “ different ” The beauty of ; and “ list ”, Although it can't highlight an individual , But it strengthens the whole , More visual impact

Of course , If each of those recurring targets is big , The effect is even more obvious , For example, these reeds are as tall as trees .

The lines , Of course, you can shoot the sea of flowers with a wide angle , This is rape flower

This is February orchid

Take pictures of buildings

It's also very good to shoot tall and lengthwise objects with a wide angle

For example, the big tree with its arm extended to the blue sky

This one was taken at the Ming city wall site “ Full of flowers ” Purple Magnolia of China , also GREAT WALL Background , Who dares to belittle ?! I'm joking with my friends , This is called “ I'm a big family myself ” I'm getting rich again .

All in all , Make good use of the camera function of mobile phone to build pictures , It's a pleasure for me to take photos whenever I travel

Share these opinions , I wish you a good trip , Photography is also happy .

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