The story of wild lotus root 81

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Alan doesn't know anything about pregnancy , Now I hear old four say she's pregnant , She said one or two angry words to old four , But her heart was empty , I always ask myself if I'm really pregnant ?

therefore , She was in a state of uneasiness . She asked the manager for leave , say :“ I suddenly have a stomachache , suffer from diarrhea , I want to see the hospital .”

The store manager is a woman , A middle-aged woman , I usually get along well with Alan , So she said :“ Come back when you're sick , No one in the shop can't do it .”

Alan said :“ I'll be back when I'm sick .”

As soon as we get to the hospital , She went to find her junior high school classmate Wang Jue , She's at the pharmacy .

Alan said to Wang Jue , I want to see a doctor to see if I'm pregnant ?

Wang Jue said :“ Why don't you take safety measures when you sleep with your boyfriend ?”

Alan said :“ No .”

Wang Jue said :“ You're as dry as fire , It's strange not to be pregnant .” She pulled Alan behind the door , say :“ You show me the belly .” Alan honestly lifted up his clothes , It shows that she is in vain ……

Wang Jue said :“ I'm not a gynecologist , But I dare say , You are pregnant .”

Alan frowned and said :“ What can I do then ?”

Wang Jue said :“ You register first , The department of obstetrics and gynecology , Let the doctor make a definite diagnosis .” And he said :“ by the way , Do you want this kid ?”

Alan shook his head :“ I don't want it .”

Wang Jue said :“ Don't want to , You just tell the doctor , Because it's good to do it early , The more you want to do it, the more you suffer .”

Alan said :“ How can it be my turn to do such a bad thing .”

Wang Jue said :“ A newly married couple wants to have a child, but they can't , Just change it with someone else .”

Alan's head is dizzy , She doesn't even know where obstetrics and gynecology are , Fortunately, Wang Jue , She led Alan to obstetrics and Gynecology , Wang Jue went to obstetrics and gynecology , To a woman doctor :“ Dr. Zhang , This is my junior high school classmate , She checked to see if she was pregnant ? Take care of her !”

Dr. Zhang said with a smile :“ well , Oh, Wang Jue , When are you pregnant ?”

Wang Jue said :“ Who am I looking for to get pregnant , My husband doesn't know where he is ?”

Dr. Zhang said :“ I have a cousin , He's a carpenter , I'd like to introduce you two to each other .”

Wang Jue said :“ I'm not looking for carpenters , I'm looking for the PLA , Better be an officer .” after one's words , She walked away laughing .

Soon it's Alan's turn . Dr. Zhang put the receiver on Alan's chest , asked :“ When did your menstruation come ?”

Alan was stunned , say :“ I haven't been here for more than two months .”

Dr. Zhang said :“ You are pregnant .” And he said :“ Early pregnancy , Not in the same room , Don't eat spicy food , Don't freeze your belly , What's your appetite like now ?”

Alan said :“ I feel like vomiting when I see greasy food .”

Dr. Zhang said :“ It's a normal reflection of pregnancy , Nutrition should be strengthened during pregnancy ……”

Aranna said :“ I don't want this kid .”

Dr. Zhang :“ Why not ?”

Alan said :“ Because I'm not married yet , Having a baby will be laughed at by others .”

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