I pay for my own greed

2021-04-28 05:02:36  作者:Life journey

In the morning market , The crowds are coming and going .

Fresh vegetables , And all kinds of tempting non-staple food . Sometimes people are in a hurry , Sometimes it stops , Or enough , Or enjoy your own favor . Maybe a lot of people , Especially the retired elderly who are not in a hurry to go to work , Morning shopping , By the way, find your own greed , It's even more charming .

this , All kinds of vehicles , More people of all kinds .

Now , Almost every family must eat eggs , The price has risen to 4.2 element . This price , People can still accept it , Maybe chicken farmers can make a little more . Prices go up and down , In today's market economy, we are used to it .

“ Big fresh eggs , It's two eighty-one Jin .” A bright young man was shouting . Two eight for four two , The difference of $1.4 ……? The price difference between a and B should be compared before buying ! What's more, it's $4 ? I started to disbelieve in my ears , Listen carefully several times , Such is the case . Curiosity and greed made me squeeze in front of the crowd .

What's more different is , Other people's families are generally older people selling eggs . Besides being a young man in his twenties, this family doesn't say , There are four young people selling eggs alone . One person is responsible for weighing , Three people holding wechat QR code .

“ Young man , Give me ten jin .” I didn't think too much , I thought maybe it was the supermarket that did some publicity in this morning market .

“ I'm sorry , aunt . We are limited , One can only buy two Jin .” Oh , It's so cheap , Limited Sales , It's normal to advertise something . Take advantage of people's greedy heart , What to promote , It's a model of modern marketing . How about it? , Two Jin first, two Jin , This egg is solid .

“ well , Young man, let's have two Jin first .” Then I handed over ten yuan .

“ aunt , I'm sorry . We don't take cash , Just scan wechat .” Wechat is wechat , ha-ha , Even if you buy a handful of leeks, you have to scan wechat , Even the rural grandmother who doesn't know wechat is also scanning wechat . Most people go out almost without cash , A cell phone in hand , As big as a million houses , It's as small as $80 , Or a few corianders , Solve all the problems . This is one of the biggest changes in life . Even we old people have to learn to adapt to this jumping life , This is development .

I scanned wechat , Pick up two catties of eggs , I'm glad I caught up with you , Go back with pride .

“ aunt , You can have your family buy one by themselves .” The moment I got out of the crowd , Behind him came the advice of a young man . Such a good thing ? I really want to go home and mobilize the children to buy again , But they all went to work .

Afternoon , I cooked the meal and waited for the children to come back from work .

Ding Dong , The sound of information . I'll open it up , Bank transfer balance notice . Simple point! , The amount of the transfer : One thousand six hundred dollars , balance : Thirty yuan and fifty cents .

I didn't operate , After buying two catties of eggs , No more money . ah ?! This is the egg , That's the unreasonable way of payment …… Every day on TV to explain the network cheat and so on , ha-ha ! I was blown up by wechat .

alas , Fortunately, in my wechat, I usually save 2000 yuan of living expenses every month , After spending, we can keep it . It's not that I'm oversensitive , What you can't see on the Internet is virtual , There's no money in your trouser pocket . But there are tens of millions of them , It's all right ? I'm not greedy for small bargains ?! As the old saying goes , Be greedy for small things , It's a big loss !

Two catties of eggs , Poisonous egg , trap !

I regret it ! It's a cheap way to feel at ease . What I dare not tell my children , This egg will no longer taste comfortable , Only heart .

I have to pay for my greed . Greed is harmful !

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