Ottawa: the sun in my heart-

2021-04-28 03:42:23  作者:Life journey

Sister Huang is a classmate of my English online training class , Shanghai people , It's almost eighty this year , But with a good attitude , It's very active in class , It's a talkative old lady .

There are several aunts and uncles in the class , They all retired from the mainland and went to Ottawa for the only child , They are separated from their children in the city , Take care of each other . These silver haired people are like migratory birds , In a city on the mainland and Ottawa , Every November I fly to the mainland for winter ; Fly back to Ottawa in April next year , Share family happiness with your children and grandchildren .

Some of them are tall and weak , Or involved in something , He didn't return to the mainland before the year of gengzi , As a result, I was trapped by the epidemic , Had to stay in Ottawa , Isolation at home . This kind of life continues to this day .

You never know , Old people left in Ottawa , It's been a whole spring, summer, autumn and winter . April Spring , They've been vaccinated with modna or Pfizer , Seems to see hope . lately , India's new coronavirus is surging , Surpass the United States in one fell swoop , The scene of burning corpses in the wild on TV , Like purgatory on earth . The old people's hearts are tightening again .

Some experts speculated that , The impact of the epidemic could be with humans for up to a decade . Some old people are discouraged , Pessimism , I can't help lamenting during the break : I don't know when I can return to the mainland .

Sister Huang is not in a hurry , Told a story .

The summer before last , Her daughter is carrying her parents , after 13 Hours , Driving more than 1300 kilometers , Go to Prince Edward Island for a holiday . It's a nice day before we leave , Who knows it rained for several days after arriving at the island , I had to stay in my holiday villa , Nothing to do .

Sister Huang was upset at that time , A sad face . The owner is an elderly white uncle , In conversation with her daughter , I learned that her mother was suffering from heavy rain , Not being able to travel and not happy .

He comforted the guests patiently , And said a meaningful word .

He said :“ If you have the sun in your heart , It's sunny all around .”

Huang said :“ You bet , Mindset is important ." She found Prince Island in the rain unique , It's unforgettable !

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