(24) The novel "falling sound"

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   The magic of words is to add two words to each sentence , Attack the shield with the spear of the son , The article becomes natural, hate and love are clear . The charm of this kind of writing has to make people clap their hands , The aftertaste is endless .


Li Qingzhao

Literature is the art of language , We must pay great attention to the use of language 、 Exquisite , I think the best language is based on spoken language , To refine the vivid 、 lively 、 concise 、 Beautiful language , This is the flow of clouds 、 Natural and simple language .

What I admire most is Li Qingzhao's words 《 Sound slow 》, Look at the beginning of her words :“ Looking and searching , courty , Sad and sad .” She wrote it against the background that her husband died shortly after she went south , I am an exile in eastern Zhejiang , Alone, lonely and suffering .

At the beginning of this poem, it uses the 14 tone reduplicated words with low voice , The loneliness and sorrow of the emotional rendering of soul stirring , Very touching . This is a successful example of using common words . As Mr. Lao She said :“ Make the vernacular taste ”.

There is no excellent writer who does not pay attention to language cultivation , In this regard , It's worth pursuing all our lives .

  On the road of literature , We must be able to endure loneliness , Stand up to the noise … Bury your head , Devote oneself to study , To be home .


The forest path

To do that , We must study hard , Low key personhood , Hard work , Work in silence , It's not about being famous , It is important to , Look up to your life ; Because we are a useful person …

   When I wrote this article to share with Juanzi some of my writing thoughts and some of the reasons mentioned in the book , She couldn't help but stay … She said she was all over the place with admiration , No one, including her teacher, ever told her about her writing experience and principles , It's made her a lot of money . Still holding me in a coquettish way , Repeatedly said that I was her good teacher, good classmate and good partner , I was also invited to have a big meal , Thank you for your help .

   Looking at the cunning expression behind her shining eyes , So surprise Let me think about it …

   My greatest happiness every day is to see Juan , Look at her walking in front of the teaching building , Park her bike which makes the students fancy in the back of our classroom ; Or standing under the basketball stand on the playground ; Or talking to someone in the hallway ;… Thinking about the scenes she showed up , I was very aware of the beauty of that time . Finished , Is this our first love , I fell in love without exception .

   It was the beginning of my hazy relationship , Although it's not a vigorous death , But love is so focused , input .

   There was a light rain that day , It's Sunday again , We all lied to our family that the school had to make up lessons .

   Because of a good book, I almost forgot the important thing today . I saw Juan standing there from a distance , Hand to hand, foot to foot, looking up from time to time . She was wearing a yellow down jacket , It looks thick , Shrink your shoulders in fear of the cold , I turned up my snowcap ; I put a colorful scarf around my neck , Her appearance makes me feel very warm and soft .

   She said :“ I saw it all the way , Guess it's you …”

   I'm sorry. I asked very unnaturally .“ Something happened to me that I almost didn't leave , You've been waiting for a long time ?”

  “ No, , I just arrived, too .” Look at me naturally , Slightly tilted head, a face of naughty charming smile , Dimples are full of splendor , It's so comfortable to watch .


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