Reading and printing the old wine mark of Hangzhou

2021-04-28 02:32:37  作者:Photography skills

“ Old Hangchow wine stains on my lapel ”, One side of the seal , It affects the hearts of people thousands of years ago and thousands of years later , This should be the charm of art .

Let's start with poetry , This poem comes from Bai Juyi's poem 《 GUSHAN 》“ I'm the old man , Half draped and half drawn out of Zhumen ; Wu Jun's new poetry in sleeve , Old Hangchow wine stains on my lapel .” Bai Juyi was an official in Hangzhou , I have a deep relationship with Hangzhou , Probably a lot of good memories , After leaving, there was a poem recalling Hangzhou “ Jiangnan is good , The scenery used to be familiar with . The sunrise is more red than fire , The river is as green as blue in spring , Do you remember Jiangnan ? Memories of Jiangnan , The most memorable is Hangzhou , Looking for Guizi in the middle of the mountain temple , Looking at the tide on the pillow of the County Pavilion , When will you revisit ?” This sentence “ Old Hangchow wine stains on my lapel ” Like this poem , It's also a reflection of Bai Juyi's nostalgia for life in Hangzhou .

This poem is often quoted by later generations , To express the memory and emotion of the past life , Such as Lu Xun “ Only my decadent Tang Xiang , It's a ten-year dream of Yangzhou , Only on my rags , It's the old wine mark of Hangzhou on my lap .”

Zhao Yi seems to be deeply touched by this poem , Just made for printing . There are few introductions about Zhao Yi , His father Zhao Zichen is very famous , Good at calligraphy, painting and printing , He is one of the eight masters of Xiling , There are picture albums and impressions handed down from generation to generation . Even if Zhao Yi did not surpass her father's artistic achievements , It's not too far away , From his words “ Rain comes at night and clear at dawn , It's near Qingming ”, One or two of them can be seen from his few impressions, calligraphy and paintings . Such a scholarly family , A person with excellent artistic taste , In the end , It's really hard to imagine what he has experienced in his life ?

Jin Yong selected this poem and printed it with his own works , Should also be deeply touched , In order to reflect the characters in the book and their own experience and feelings .

“ Lapel ” The word is the most complex , Most strokes , On the contrary, it is the most sparsely handled , But not languidly , It looks very energetic .“ Hang ” The words are very vivid , It reminds me of the willow trees on the West Lake , The arched stone bridge ,“ On ” The words are squeezed in the middle , But I didn't flinch , On the contrary, it seems to have a lot of tension .

The last four words are bigger , Full lines , Full of the whole space , If the first three words look energetic , Then these four words seem relaxed and lazy . It's like the first half of one's life and the second half of one's life , In the first half of my life, I joined the WTO in a radical way , In the second half of my life, I was passive and reclusive . This may be the reason why his family died of poverty , It could be something else , Let him down . This is the times , It's a pity .

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