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Bad mentality , Put it off. , It's just that the heart is too small .

Mental “ state ” word , Take it apart , Namely “ Big heart ”, If the heart is a little bigger every day , How can the state of mind be bad .

You are angry , It's because I'm not generous enough ;

You're depressed , It's because I'm not open-minded enough ;

You're anxious , It's because I'm not calm enough ;

You are sad , It's because I'm not strong enough ;

You are melancholy , It's because I don't have enough sunshine ;

You're jealous , It's because I'm not good enough .……

All this , The root of every trouble lies in itself . therefore , Every time there's trouble , It's an opportunity for us to find our own shortcomings .

Grasp your own mentality , Every day will be happy and carefree .

Works of song and Jin Dynasties

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