I found a spark

2021-04-28 02:32:18  作者:Photography skills

The movie 《 Strange journey of soul 》 in , Every soul has to find the spark in their own life to reach the earth and grow into human beings .

It seems that we can call finding goals and aspirations or interests in life “ spark ”.

I found a spark , I think .

This is an idea that came out of my mind when I was posting .

The first time I wanted to learn calligraphy was in a master's class , Art review . Chen Zhengjun said that he couldn't sleep in the middle of the night , I'll get up and write , And then they always make people sleep at home . I only know that he is a calligraphy maniac , From time to time, we are advised to practice in class . I was touched at that time , But there was no action .

Now in retrospect , A seed had been planted at that time . Give yourself a reason , I was doing hand painting all the time, and suddenly procreate Interested , Started the process of drawing with fingers on mobile phones , Finally, I bought iPad +pencil Drawing a picture , I have no time for anything else . It can also be said that , It's not the time .

So I'm a curious baby , There's a lot of trouble in trying to find a spark .

I really began to write calligraphy after listening to Feng Tang's mental method of accomplishing things , Once again aroused my desire to post . Learning to write with a brush is like drawing , The core is still practice , Keep practicing .

Zeng Guofan once educated his son , Let him practice calligraphy day by day , Lin and Mo cross each other , thole , You can see your progress in the future .

I have the experience of drawing , I deeply know that in addition to talent, people rely on diligence , It's a constant effort . So I didn't go to class , I found some posts from some writers in xiaohongshu , Follow me to buy my favorite post to practice . Special thanks to those who share their experiences , It also opened up my desire to share what I think . Because as long as one person can gain something from what I share , It's all worth it .

Half a year , There is no copy , I didn't start with seal script or big characters , I practiced Zhao Mengfu's regular script directly 《 Moral by 》.《 Moral by 》 There's a lot of repetition in it , Can feel the same word in the process of calligraphy different writing .

There was a break in the middle of the calligraphy , I was very busy at that time , Busy writing 《 The secret behind the best-selling copy 》 There is no persistence . Recently bought a new post to practice , All of a sudden, I began to think again .

This idea does not mean , I have to practice for two hours today, or I can't sleep without writing, forcing myself to write , It's a kind of I want to write , Write that you can live in the moment , Can ignite joy in the heart .

Looking at my writing, I am more stable , I've also made progress in strokes . My heart is happy .

The joy of this calligraphy , I defined it in my mind , be called “ spark ”.

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