A beautiful woman at the end of the shower

2021-04-28 01:40:21  作者:Life journey

Share the doggerel I wrote the other day .

The idea is very common , It was raining lightly that day , I'm on my way to class , Holding an umbrella , Cross the bridge , Cross the road , Take the nearest path , Came to a small pond . The pond is surrounded by magnolia trees , with luxuriant foliage , There's a long corridor next to it , The scaffold is completely covered by branches and leaves , It presents a quiet scene .

I'm not in the mood to enjoy the scenery , Pass in a hurry . but , All of a sudden , A white figure came into my eyes . I saw a man floating on the water , Motionless . I think it's novel , Walk in and have a look , It turns out that the pond is paved with slate road , The stone road is half hidden and half leaking , It's not true from a distance .

I keep going , Looking back in a hurry , Stop . I saw a boy squatting by the pond , Constantly changing positions , original , They are taking pictures . The boy squatting there is directing the man in white how to pose , Find the angle , The man in white felt uncomfortable by touching his neck , Or a shy boy , ha-ha .

I was amused by my own fuss . Close up with doggerel , Bo himself a smile .

Last night's shower stopped , Grass and flowers are fresh , Quiet and melodious . Yu Guan has people standing in the pool , Strange , A close look , A beautiful woman in shame .

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