[2021.4.27] the significance of existence

2021-04-28 01:28:06  作者:Photography

Take advantage of the big tree to eat , Write a few words .

When he comes back , I fell asleep .

Whenever the tree is happy , Always want to share with me .

And he was depressed , But never talk to me .

The most he says is “ Don't worry ”,“ Don't worry about it ”,“ It's none of your business. ”、“ Sleep well ”.

I feel so sad in my heart .

I don't know what I mean to big trees , What is it .

But this sentence “ It's none of your business. ”, It really chilled my heart .

In your life , And what has to do with me ?

At the end of the day , Your past 、 Now it's none of my business , future , That's all the more irrelevant .

It's a “ It's none of your business. ”, These four words , It turned out to be the best reason to push me away .

For people who don't care , I've always said “ Don't worry , I'm fine ”, Because I don't want them to know at all .

I think , I've never been in your heart , As for the people who let you open the door , I don't want to know .

that , What is the meaning of my existence ?

There are many people who share happiness with you , I'm not the only one , Someone who can share the pain with you , I don't deserve it either .

You said that , If only I were older , You can shed tears at me . It's not me , I'm not going to be bigger anyway , Why comfort me with this reason ?

Since there is no meaning of existence , Then I'm not qualified to stay in your world .

It's very effective today , So strong that you don't have to worry about it .

May you smile when you are happy , If you're not happy, make trouble , Get better as soon as possible .

The tree , Not so much that you pushed me away , It's better to say that we are never far away from each other . I'll take a step closer , Take a step back , That's true , Am I right? ? After that, I will look at you from afar , You don't have to push me any further .

tonight , I can only shout three times , You can hear me :

Good night, , Good night, , Good night, .

You're right . When it's empty , I can't touch anything .