[2021.4.26] OK? well!

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Brother fish and I are friends , I'm also my mentor .

It's amazing , Brother Yu has been my net friend for many years , I only said that he was a Chengdu man who knew nothing about Sichuan , So I became the most direct channel for him to understand Chengdu and Tibet . It's all about eating, drinking and having fun , No family work . Only occasionally did I know , It turned out to be colleagues in the same system and other fields .2019 Systematic training at the end of the year , The first offline meeting , It turned out that this little partner was the direct leader of the group company in charge of my business field . Enterprises like ours , The hierarchy is strict , Fortunately, he never put on airs , I can carry it, too , So the cooperation is very happy . In that training , I'm young as 52 Advanced speakers from three units , In addition to the field test, the first place was won by mistake , It can be said that it is in the limelight , Make brother Yu look at me with new eyes , I think this little girl movie is all about eating and drinking , It doesn't look like it's so goofy . In recent years , I am responsible for the amateur field of the unit, the results of the top three in the group , It's also the best support for brother fish .

However , Today, all my good mood was ruined by brother Yu .

I wanted to go to the hospital at noon , But it was broken by the group leader's visit . Every link is confirmed repeatedly 、 Coordinate , And the interpenetration with SASAC , I couldn't get out of the office door .

On the way to the hospital in the afternoon , Received a lot of information from brother Yu's machine gun , And a shocking pile of exclamation marks , feel “ Inexplicable + Uneasy ”.

Tell the truth , I've always been serious about my work , Of course , Sometimes it's a little sloppy , But the attitude is absolutely good , A strong sense of responsibility , Never let the superior worry . However , What brother Yu said in the afternoon made me feel particularly aggrieved .

It was a month ago , I have a bad memory , Can't recall near 50 Details of the material . I can't cope with his barrage of problems , I can only tell him over and over again , I'll be back in the evening to confirm . I feel that he is in a very bad mood , Words hurt people too , That's why I remember , He showed up after all “ Leader ” One side , What can I do ? Let it go .

Everything was OK when I put the needle in the afternoon , While sticking needles to bake electricity , While learning German . However , Just a few minutes after the needle was pulled out , The increasing vertigo is coming , With nausea and weakness , Stumbling against the wall, he walked to the vending machine not far from the clinic , I bought a bottle of juice with a little shiver , Half a bottle in one gulp , That's why I feel more relaxed . Back in the clinic , I didn't keep staring at the screen to learn , It's staring out the window at the green , In mind , Which link is wrong ?

after 2 Hours of treatment , I rushed back to work , Compare the materials one by one , Sure enough, there are omissions . Rush to make up a few materials , Put it in a sealed bag . Later , I think brother Yu is too angry , Sent a text message apologizing , It means to send out supplementary support materials early tomorrow morning . For a long time , Just received his reply . He said , He feels like I'm not as serious as last year …… A large piece of text , I only see this sentence , Tears crackled down .

You can deny my ability to work , But if it comes to work attitude , Then there will be some grievances .

It's been a long time , Though I was wronged in my heart , We have to deal with it .

I learned the truth later , To understand his difficulties and helplessness . So from clearly their grievances , It's a relief .

Later, brother Yu was in a better mood , And fully encouraged and affirmed me , There must be some misunderstanding , I'll see it tomorrow .

So what about those slanders ? If it was me before , It must be restored to official relations from now on , Never pay attention to this friend again . Now? , It seems to be open to many things . you 're right , When he said that , I do feel aggrieved , But it's just a grievance . After all , It's just work , I don't want to hurt my friendship with brother Yu because of my work .

Really? , It's just work . There is a problem , Just solve it .

【 At the end 】

This afternoon, I feel depressed , Dashu is in a bad mood too .

I don't know what happened to him , I really want him to tell me , But he said he didn't want to affect me .

Yeah , With his personality , I'm afraid I have to digest it alone . And I love him so much , Just like all these years , He digested alone countless times on snowy nights .

The tree , How I wish , I can share these troubles with you , Not just to share happiness with you .

Even if I'm just a trash can , You just throw up at me ,

Or I'm a tree hole , Just lean on me and talk ,

Or you just lean on my shoulder , Say nothing .

such , Will you relieve some of your worries ?

I especially want to hold you , Help you smooth the blockage in your heart .

The tree , May you get better soon , Hold yourself for me , You remember how I taught you to embrace yourself , Isn't it ?

I set the ring and strong alert mode , You call me at any time . Don't think it's disturbing , Even if I lie down , Fall asleep , I'll always be worried , It's better to disturb me .

You know , I have always been .

This window in the hospital , Very good .

I have been studying happily all afternoon .

The library in the afterglow .

Two clouds , It's you and me .

I didn't listen for a long time , You'll see , ha-ha .

Dinner is maocai .

Received the book .

New equipment .

It looks like fun .

Snow mountains and lakes are the best way to calm your heart .

To my dear tree ~

If you're not happy, let it go , Don't be aggrieved and oppressed , Okay? ?

Empty your heart , Can be loaded with more happiness , well !