College: looking for old dreams II

2021-04-28 00:53:32  作者:Literary FM

It's really raining today , In the rustling sound, the campus is covered with a light mist .

The garden is green and full of rain , Grass and wild flowers flutter in the wind , It's so beautiful that it's like a stranger in the mountains , I feel very comfortable , The cool wind is refreshing the spleen , Shower intoxicating .

Can only cherish , There are too many students on campus , Although the rain has weakened the terrible noise and laughter of the past , Now it's converging a little , After all, it's just light rain , Those restless and frivolous words and laughs , But there are still others .

Although still young , But the mind is more and more inclined to the old , Once deep in the crowd , The mood is restless and irritable , Just want to leave early , Stay in your cabin and sit down a little , Look out the window, if there is any rain , It's enough .

Recently, the psychology class has arranged homework , Organize outdoor parties in groups . I thought it was a good time to have a outing , Or go out and have a tooth beating 、 Have a meal and chat for a while , It's a waste of time, but it's a small record of life .

The unexpected thing is , In the morning, the team leader directly informed the team members to take a group photo at the door of the classroom , That's to say, it's done in a hurry , As a happy group building .

Socializing is really boring , But it's so perfunctory , But it also makes people feel sad . When the teacher corrects his homework , You may also be confused and annoyed by your own teaching effect .

The new generation of people really don't like socializing , But in those all over the circle of friends, almost eight out of ten are dining out , A date with a friend , But it also gives people a phenomenon that they are extremely keen on communication .

It's polarization , Like me, I only want to walk in the woods from time to time , Walk alone in the wind in your spare time , More or less all the parties after a year have been pushed out , in the course of time , No one's asking for nothing .

Roommates seem to be busy white collars , Go out for dinner every day , If he stays in the dormitory on Saturday, he will die .

I only love this empty leisure , In all the modern decorations and natural scenery , Like an old man sweeping leaves in the courtyard , Silently send away the years that become lovely and interesting through embellishment .

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