Beiyuangong Tea Garden 7

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Every time it comes to the new tea season , About 60 kilometers away, friends go to Xiaoqiao town of Jianou city to enjoy the tea mountain . It was also the origin of Beiyuan tribute tea in Song Dynasty -- Beiyuan imperial tea ( Beiyuan tribute tea ) It refers to the tribute tea of Song Dynasty , The main production area is in jiyuanli, Jian'an County in ancient times , That is, within the territory of Jianou city , This is a sweet tea . Beiyuan tea science plays an important role in the history of Chinese tea .

Beiyuan tea is the most famous tribute tea in the history of Chinese tea development , Originated in the Five Dynasties and ten states period of Fujian . Open the tea literature of Song Dynasty after five dynasties , The paper is full of fragrance of Beiyuan tea .

from The prosperity of Beiyuan tribute tea , This led to the popularity of tea studies in Song Dynasty , Following Lu Yu's first monograph on tea 《 Tea classics 》 available , There is a saying in Song Dynasty 《 Jian'an tea record 》、 Cai Xiang's 《 Tea records 》、 Song Zian's 《 Dongxi tea test record 》、 Zhao ruli's 《 Beiyuan bielu 》 And so on , According to the modern tea academic circles , The song dynasty 、 Monographs on Tea Science in Yuan Dynasty 22-24 Ministry , During this period, two thirds of Beiyuan tea monographs , The finished version that can be seen so far ( Published by Zhejiang Photography Publishing House )《 A complete book of ancient Chinese tea 》 carrying : Cai Xiang's 《 Tea records 》、 Song Zian's 《 Dongxi tea test record 》、 Zhao ruli's 《 Beiyuan bielu 》、 Zhao Ji's 《 On Daguan tea 》、 Huang Ru's 《 Tea should be recorded 》、 Xiong fan's 《 Xuanhe Beiyuan tribute tea record 》、 Xu huobo's 《 Cai Duanming, don't remember 》、 Political 《 Tea collection 》)8 Ministry . Beiyuan tea monograph is a wealth created by the Chinese nation , It is a study of tribute tea and tea history in Song Dynasty 、 tea learn 、 Tea culture is a precious historical material .

《 Man Tingfang · tea 》

   Northern song dynasty · Huang tingjian

   Spring breeze in Beiyuan , Fang guiyuanbi , Beijing pass is famous for thousands of miles . Broken to pieces , Work on Lingyan . Venerable and romantic conquers , Sleep in spring 、 Open up the edge of worry . A slender hand , Grind cream and light milk , Golden thread partridge spot .

   Like , I'm sick and thirsty , write poems while drinking , Ben has a lot of talents . In order to lift the lamp , Decadent jade mountain is drunk . I've been searching my chest , It's also tilting 、 Three Gorges etymology . Late return , Wen Jun is not sleeping , Relative to the small window .