We know the danger, of course, but we have no choice

2021-04-28 00:13:18  作者:Life journey

《 Empower 》—— Build an agile team to deal with uncertainty .

Under the complex new ecology , Prediction has become impossible .

The key to operation has been from control — Command to power —— Distributed , Only in this way can we succeed in the new ecology .

Stanley, commander of the U.S. special operations command, who has built the world's most powerful combat force • McChrystal , Abandon the conventional thinking that has existed for more than a century .

Reshaping the task force in a brutal war , Make it a new species : One is extremely transparent in communication 、 A centralized network in decision making .

“ Deep well ” The walls between are destroyed .

Leaders run the smallest team , Use best practices , And find ways to put these operations , To thousands of people , Use some at the same time 10 Years ago , And yet unimaginable technology is bringing these people together .

Just like Daniel · What Levitin said about :

This book is very extensive 、 Elegant writing 、 Full of vision , There's a lot of unexpected information, for whimsy , And tell us how to deal with this increasingly complex world .

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