For the excellent, put the right attitude

2021-04-27 23:55:04  作者:Photography

Acknowledge the excellence of others , It's the beginning of a good person .

Everyone has their own uniqueness , Your style is out of his reach , His excellence is far beyond your reach . So what? ? He's always been him , You'll never be able to be him , Because he's done it himself .

What we can do is to find our own point , envy 、 jealousy 、 The appearance of resentment can only prove that you are a normal person , When you realize that you are an independent person , When not comparing with others , It's a priority , It's not just an attitude , It's more of an ability .

Hemingway once said : Being superior to some other man , Is not high , The true nobility is to be superior to one's former self .

A feeling of jealousy ( State of mind ) The impact on one's body and mind . When you can control it , Will turn jealousy into the power of growth ; When you're in control of it , There will be an endless abyss waiting for you .