The dream of the heart

2021-04-27 23:31:59  作者:Life journey

keep thinking about , There must be an echo .

I've been in the pinch lately , Every day I eat what I have at home , I started thinking about all kinds of food , When you can eat, I don't want to , I started thinking when I couldn't eat , It's really like what you can't get. It's always the best. Ha ha .

Unexpected joy , keep thinking about , There must be an echo , I've been savoring the delicious kebab recently , Then we went to eat the kebab after the regional meeting today , To satisfy the . Now I think of a sentence , You must signal what you want , Only in this way can we have the help and support from all walks of life , Otherwise, even if you want to help, you don't know what you want !

It's like the recent existence of all kinds of part-time jobs , It can also help me speed up my personal IP The creation of , Approaching my pace . Maybe it can be a blessing in disguise , Maybe . After all , I've always believed in one thing ,“ Everything is the best arrangement ”, If you don't see , That's not the end of the story , And this process will definitely teach me something , Make me aware of something , Or give me guidance in life .

therefore , The dream of the heart , Whatever you're going through right now , Or what you're going through , Remember one sentence , Nothing can knock me down , Unless I'm going to fall . There's only one thing on my mind right now , One thing , It can be settled in two years , Even for a year , Then I can be steady , I believe that the future road is not afraid of anything .

The dream of the heart , What the heart thinks , What the heart wants , Want the world to send a signal of inner desire , Help me realize it as soon as possible , come on. !

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