Cheongsam women with Zen

2021-04-27 23:18:50  作者:Photography

author / Ouyang Hehua

A cheongsam

It represents the beauty of the Orient

What a beautiful yearning and pursuit

It's a kind of dignified and classical temperament

What's more, it's a kind of beauty settled by years

Look at the beauty of cheongsam, who is so magnanimous

free from arrogance and impetuosity

Beautiful as the bright moon and the breeze

Beautiful cheongsam woman

You come to the world

Always live brilliantly

Life can be slower

Walking steps

Or slow down

In this torrent of time and space . Women must have

My own world

You can cook poetry and tea

Wandering in the breeze

Drunk in the blue sky and white clouds

The elegant life of Zen

I'm very happy for the cheongsam women

Compose a splendid chapter


We are all Zen

Cheongsam women