When the flowers fall, I don't meet you

2021-04-27 23:18:44  作者:Photography

Late autumn and early winter , The spirit of extermination is gradually emerging . The cold wind became bitter , The cold rain became bitter , The clouds are faint in the sky , Flowers and leaves fall on the ground , Seems to be , There's a goodbye going on .

The most striking is the ginkgo tree on the avenue , Its branches still have a large area of gorgeous yellow , Whispering in the wind . I have heard of , Every leaf is a flower of a tree , The growth of every leaf is the blooming of trees .

These gingko leaves fluttering on the branches , They're like clusters of flowers , After experiencing the spring rain , Summer cicada's celebration , After the autumn moon kisses , Ushered in the end of life . One season, one cycle , One year old and one withered , They complete the leap of life . Under the dark ground, it's turned into nourishment for trees , Recalling the beauty of the past , Looking forward to meeting the world next year . Every time I stop on the Boulevard , Every time I look at the gingko leaves falling from the branches , Every time I look at the dead leaf butterfly flying in the air , Every time I look at the warm yellow , I always have some , A touch of sadness .

without doubt , evening breeze , Night rain , bleed during one's first sexual intercourse , These images are often quoted in ancient poems , In real life, it also has a unique scenery and charm , Exactly speaking , They are beautiful . But all the beauty , There will be a price . Just like our lives , Just like our lives , Some can't match time , Some can't stop the difference .

ginkgo leaf , Pianpian . today , I think of you again .


I know that the Ginkgo biloba in the Forbidden City is very beautiful , You also sent me pictures that day . In Beijing, , She caught that moment of beauty , The leaves of Ginkgo biloba , The combination of nature and ancient rhyme is ingenious , If it's a secret poem , Like a moving picture . It's like , What I see now is .

Palace wall gingko

The ground is red

ginkgo leaf , Farewell to the branches where it lives , Embrace the wind , Embrace the rain . And I'm , I said goodbye to you , Go all the way . Although we will meet again , But I still miss you , Would want to see you now . We have been classmates for six years , Long time together , The time of separation is short . We , I was supposed to go to Beijing together , We still have many dreams that we can't talk about , There's a lot more we want to do together ... It's like whispering together in the dormitory , Go to the canteen together , Go to the same class together , Skip a class happily together , Let's help each other find a little brother , Let's discover the little beauty of life together ... Thick together , Hand in hand , At present , At this moment , Walk under the ginkgo tree together , Listen to the rustle at your feet , Feel the breath of the wind , Talking about love and reunion .

but , These can only be thought about .

I've heard a beautiful poem , It said , He's in the snow , This life is also a total of white head . And now we are enjoying the same scenery , Can it be said that we are not different ?