Me and my shadow

2021-04-27 23:09:33  作者:Life journey

After four seasons of wind and rain ,

Dream for the colorful wind and sunshine .

Me and my shadow ,

Twins in the sun and moon, greasy .

I feel the cold ,

The shadow is shaking and crying .

I'm full of sweetness ,

Shadows are rolling in the pollen .

I roar inspirational lies to the sky ,

The shadow is dancing on the keyboard .

I sleep in the sunshine ,

The shadow is breathing around my wisdom .

I can't see the gray in the sun ,

The shadow also holds a big saw to cut off unhealthy tendencies .

I'm at the forefront of the times ,

The shadow is wiping my sweat .

I use knowledge to perfect myself ,

The shadow gives me the praise of my heart .

I chew three meals a day ,

The shadow will wait for me, sighing .

I climbed the mountains ,

The shadow told me that there is a mountain outside the mountain and I have to work hard .

I waded across the stream ,

The shadow says that life is so poetic .

I look in the jungle for ,

The shadow gives me fresh air .

I'm fishing by the river ,

The shadow told me not to hurt the fish with a fresh life .

I temper between heaven and earth ,

The shadow gives me golden wings .

I grew up in the mountains ,

The shadow blows the hope of spring for me .

I want to travel in space ,

The shadow tells me that knowledge is the ladder of heaven .

I want to release the dove of peace ,

The shadow also equipped me with fighters .

I'd like to clean up the rest of the virus ,

Shadow wisdom uses technology to drive the haze away .

Me and my shadow ,

A couple, a couple, twin brothers .

Look at me and my shadow ,

Static and safe is tomorrow's me and you .

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