Kiss the world with a smile

2021-04-27 23:07:39  作者:Life journey

A door has to be opened

To open another door

Sunshine is for those who are not afraid of wind and rain

To prepare the

Enjoy the day

It has to go through a long cold night

Over the mountains

It's hard to avoid turning it over again in my dream

My own script

It's the beginning of a whole life

The ending

Everyone can imagine

No need to say more

Action is the best instruction

The strongest sound of love

It's the voice of the heart


It's not always the true face of Lushan Mountain

A flower comes out again

It's not the same flower

People like to laugh at people

When I cry, I have no memory

The cover attracted

People who love vanity

Loneliness, in fact

It's not the disconnection of success

crowded subway

It's a process of the times

A moonlit night of stars

Never night city is better than self lament

Constantly updated strength

The most powerful

Not low key

It's because luck happens to keep coming

There is no need to bring up the past

Ancient poems must be recited again

If I love you, it's a disaster

Three lives and three lives are not enough

Vows are better than dreams

It's just a phase

It's the process to enjoy

The ending will be the best

A stone makes a thousand waves

It's not a myth that you can smoke without fire

When science talks

It's no wonder that it's unprecedented

Later in the future

There will be less and less nothingness

Time gives everyone the warm spring

Who let who become a cold winter

I cry all my life

Why don't you kiss the world with a smile

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