Love poem dream

2021-04-27 23:07:30  作者:Life journey

Moving my heart to create a story ,

The fate of the Buddha who meet the crazy line stop .

I've been in the world for many years, writing love poems ,

An you Cang Yang tears ambition ?

( Chinese new rhyme )

notes :

I'm a mortal , It's natural to move your heart . I often think about a lot of scenes , I often have a lot of dreams . I'll weave them into stories , Write it in your own words .

My obsession may be hard to change . But I am clearly free between change and unchangeable . Maybe one day , I will also be suddenly enlightened because I have a certain Buddhist affinity .

I've been writing love poems for a long time . Even though I didn't write for several years , But I have a lot of accumulation in my mind .

Reading , Or it says , I met Tsangyang Gyatso . I began to like his poems . I was thinking , Now , Who can inherit his emotional works ?

The world is safe and secure , No burden, no burden, no burden . suddenly , This sentence came out in my ear . I stopped for a moment , not knowing why it is so , Suddenly my eyes were moist .


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