Memories of childhood

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Take off the blank is also called dig blank 、 Making Adobe , It's normal to call it differently in different regions . Adobe , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Blocks made of earth , Ancient building materials , For building houses 、 Building courtyard walls 、 Chicken coop 、 Building pigsty and so on . Because it's easy to make , The cost is low , Until today, , It's still used in remote and backward areas .

Take off the dry adobe

It's easy to make , The first is that the tools needed are simple . Shovel 、 Buckets 、 The shoulder pole is common in every family , No preparation , Just buy a mold , Just a handful of clay leaves . Secondly, the site is simple , As long as it's relatively flat and big enough , If you can lay a hundred or ten blanks . Third, the source of raw materials is simple , No need to buy 、 transport , The black soil is under your feet , Dig a hole or dig a mound . The hardest ones are carrying water and mud , So choose the threshing site , It should be as close to the well as possible .

It's usually in spring that the billet is used and shed , Before the rainy season , Because rain is the killer of adobe , Build a wall and coat it , Only adobe can be protected .

1973 Spring of the year , I'm in the fifth grade of primary school .( Insert a note , Otherwise, the time is not right .1968 In the autumn 9 I go to school in September ,1970 year 9 I'm going to be in grade three this month , One more semester , Because the enrollment in autumn has changed to spring .1974 I should have been promoted to junior high school in spring, but I didn't , The enrollment time has changed to autumn , Again, more than half a year , I went to five-year primary school for six years .) Coming back to the book . That year, my father's unit had to rebuild the courtyard wall , Family members and children can take off the blanks if they want ,1 branch 2 A dollar per cent . Learn from other big kids , My brother and I are also on the move . Get up early in the morning , Dig a lot of soil , In the shape of a cone , Make a border on it to store water . Others carry water , My brothers can't choose , It's carrying water , Bucket after bucket into the storage pit , Let the water seep down slowly , This is called Yinni , And then go to school . Come back from school at noon and have a quick meal , Afternoon 2:40 attend class;class begins , Use this for more than an hour , And mud 、 mold adobe blocks .

I have built a cooling room 、 Plastering the roof 、 Experience of building rabbit's nest , Take the initiative to be a small worker 、 Shovel mud , My brother is a great master , Hold the mud blade, set the blank mold and wait , The children can fill the iron billet with a shovel of mud. , I need two shovels .

Blank mould specification ,1 ruler 1 " 5 Long ,5 " 5 Divide width ,2 Inches high . In metric millimeter units, it's about 380x185x66, The width is less than half the length 5 mm , This is the need to leave mud joints when building walls . Don't look at the mud and shovel mud , You can't do anything if you don't have the point . The good mud is opened with three teeth , Sprinkle with water , Enter the spade from the bottom , Repeatedly shovel up the pile , Make the mud soft and hard , The muscles are ripe and rotten , The slab that comes out will not crack , Resilient . When shoveling mud, use a spade first , Turn left up and pass right up , Pull the bottom into the spade and lift it gently .

Mud into mold , First, compact the four corners and two long sides with clay leaves , Then smooth the top , Then raise the mold , A blank comes out !

A pile of mud just ran out , The field is also full , It's almost two o'clock . Check it out ,60 Multiple blocks ! wash hands 、 wash one 's face , Whole clothes , Go to school happily .

Come back from school after two classes in the afternoon , First, set the billet up , Make it exposed to the wind in a large area , Then dig the earth 、 Lifting water 、 Yinni . After the sun and wind, the adobe has hardened , It's ready to stack . Make a smooth foundation , Tilt the blank 、 Leave a seam 、 Li code . The purpose of tilting is to bite the upper layer 、 Mutual pressure , To avoid the collapse of billet stack due to domino effect , Of course, measures must be taken at the end of each layer . The seam is left for ventilation and quick drying . It is convenient to carry .

Clean up the site as soon as you finish the work , The mud is overcast , And mud 、 Shovel mud 、 Start of next cycle , You can get out before the sun sets 60 Multiple blocks .

The debonding took about a month , Counting , All of them 5 More than 1000 blanks ! It's much more profitable than raising rabbits .

When I was in junior high school, the farm machinery factory had to build a courtyard wall , Chuanping's father is from an agricultural machinery factory , Chuanping and I joined in a joint venture . There is running water there , Elephant shovel is also easy to use. , Also asked the worker uncle to make a two tooth grab , The body has grown by two years , More strength , The first mock exam will be done with a shovel of clay. . Baolin is with his two sisters , How many Adobe do we make every day , No less than his three sisters .

2016 year , Back to my hometown after 40 years' absence , He Chuanping 、 Baolin get together , Talking about the cradle of childhood , I had several more drinks .

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