Strange: Prime Minister Jia Zhong

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In the Republic of China, in a small town under Weixian County , There is a family named Peng , To make a living by appearances , pass on generation after generation . The Peng family , It's not about people , It's just weird , It is said that spirits have been in the world for a long time , Get into people's habits , Man is not man , The genie is not the genie , It's against nature , Regardless of the reason , You have to go , Those who don't follow , Naturally, there is no way out . And that's what they do .

The rules of our ancestors , Every man is sixteen years old , Independence is the key to success , The management of later generations cannot involve the family ( In their opinion, this craft is harmful to morality , It's personal ), After independence, the housekeeper makes a living , Filial piety for parents . Coincidentally , It happens to be the 18th generation from the Peng family to Peng Zhonggang, and it has been handed down from generation to generation . It's like an exclusive custom .

Peng Zhong became independent at the age of 15 , A man moved to Hedong and set up his own house , I planted a peach garden to stop the evil spirit , Build a peach house , Even the yard fence was planted with peach branches . It's been more than ten years , Ancestral business is very good , It's stubborn and dull , Well known far and near , So many people in their thirties have not yet married .

For all that , The most eloquent matchmaker in the town will not go to his house even if she asks for three or four . Although the Peng family is not rich, it is certainly not poor , But no one wants to take this order .

The farmer chooses his son-in-law , It depends on the strength of his hand , The most basic thing is not to let good farmland collapse , You also need to know how to be human , Nizi is not angry at home . Look at Peng Zhong , The same does not occupy . If you're a little rich, you can believe in this , But I don't want to stick it on , After all, it's not stable , And not accepted by the world .

For this reason, the old father was very worried , I'm worried that the incense from my ancestors will be broken in my own hands , Go to Hedong Taoyuan to find him in person , Make sure he goes to see that girl . This is Peng Zhong's father's face , It's not easy to ask for it .

Peng Zhong also thinks that the time is ripe to see , Get ready to go out . Passing by the river at the gate , The girl who saw her daughter-in-law was washing clothes by the river , What you say is what I say , Very lively .

He was trying to avoid all this talk , Although he knew the news of the blind date, they must have known for a long time , But I really don't want to be teased by them . He ran away from under the eaves , But I got caught .

They see Peng Zhongguang go out and tease :“ Let's work on it , Don't make a fart again and again , I can't stand it ……”,“ Is is , He's still waiting for his grandson ……”,“ Let me teach you something , Just open your mouth ……”

Everyone burst into laughter . Peng Zhong came out from under the eaves , Walk to the shore , An awkward response , Smirk .

Wave your hand to say goodbye , The head that had been turned away turned back quickly , Staring at the big Bluestone under one of the women's clothes . In the laundry , A few more teased him and said :“ How about , What else are you thinking about , You can't count on it here , Don't even think about it , If you think too much , I don't know whose stick I'm going to get ……”, I didn't finish talking , In front of me, my hands are rubbing clothes “ Big Bluestone suddenly ” Plop down into the river , Women scream and scream .

Peng Zhong comforted and said :“ Don't worry, , Don't worry , It's a very old turtle , Don't harm people , Please go , Don't worry about it .” The women said thanks and went on with their work , And Peng Zhong went on his blind date .

Both sides are satisfied with each other , The two young people are also very congenial and chatting . Peng Zhong discusses with Nizi , I hope she can come to his peach garden for one night. People don't understand . Nizi is not willing to , Even if it becomes , Not yet , Naturally, many rules cannot be crossed . It's the first time that Peng's two elders have been so devoted to their son , There's music in my heart , We're going to lure them by hiring them , Nizi's father is a gambler , See the money that can have run , Immediately the horse agreed .

Nizi can't help it , I went to the peach garden in Hedong with Peng Zhong , Peng Zhong built a hut beside the main house , Say to Nini :“ You live in the inner room, I live in the outer room , It's not good for you to have a bad reputation before you go through the door , And I have to let you know what I do , In the future, this kind of thing is indispensable , It's not your fault that you can't accept it .”

Nizi was at a loss , It just means , It's getting dark , After dinner, they each went to their own room , When asked by Peng Zhong ,“ Fasten the doors and windows , There's a big storm at night , No matter what you hear, don't open the door and come out to see , Don't call , No answer .”

It was stable in the first half of the night , Nizi can't stand it , Sleep. . But after twelve , I heard the rustle outside , After a while , Rain and wind come , The wind is blowing , It's very creepy , It's raining , Nizi was awakened with a start , She had never seen such a storm .

Suddenly I heard an old man's voice outside the door , It's more like outside the fence, to be precise , He spoke in anger :“ A gentleman makes a man , It's not bad , You broke my way , I have been doing good for more than a hundred years , Never hurt anyone , It's only one year away from the end , Take a step up , You have to get in the way . If it wasn't for Taoxian today , I want you to look good .”

That's it , The wind and rain outside the house slowly subsided , Until it stops completely , It's almost dawn , Peng Zhong just went out , I called Niko to explain why , Nizi didn't speak for a long time , He nodded and agreed .

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