Knowledge introduction: ten standards of adolescent mental health

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Ten criteria for adolescent mental health

The prominent manifestation of teenagers' psychological problems is : Interpersonal relationship 、 Emotional stability and learning adaptation .

Mental health has two meanings : One is to maintain internal and external harmony . Internal harmony is manifested as a state of mind with positive development , And accept yourself in a positive mental state ; External harmony shows good social adaptability , Can actively reduce problem behavior and solve psychological problems . Second, no psychological problems . Psychological problems include various psychological and behavioral abnormalities and mental diseases , for example : anxious 、 depressed 、 anorexia 、 Antisocial behavior, etc .

The standard of adolescent mental health : Respond positively to events or activities that are beneficial to mental health .

Lin Chongde, a famous psychologist in China, thinks that the core of mental health standard is : Respond positively to all events or activities beneficial to mental health , Their psychology is healthy . Combined with the characteristics of teenagers' psychological development , The mental health standards of teenagers include the following :

1、 Normal intelligence . Normal intelligence is the most basic psychological condition for life and study , generally speaking , The IQ is 80 The above is the standard of mental health .

2、 Emotional stability 、 Positive optimism . Teenagers with mental health can always stay relaxed 、 Cheerful 、 Coordinated emotions , Can moderately express and control emotions .

3、 Strong will and quality . People with mental health have good self-control and frustration tolerance . The Internet Addiction of teenagers 、 Behavioral problems such as tobacco addiction are often associated with weak willpower .

4、 Psychology and behavior are consistent with age characteristics . Normal behavior includes : The behavior is consistent inside and outside 、 Behavior is consistent with age and behavior is consistent with role . For example, a student in school is “ Virtue, wisdom, health, beauty and labor ” All round development of the three good students , I lose my temper at home , Less involvement in housework , Such a student's psychology is not healthy .

5、 Interpersonal harmony . Many psychological problems of teenagers are related to interpersonal relationship . When families don't get along 、 When classmates don't get along well , Adolescents are prone to depression 、 anxious 、 jealousy 、 Hostility 、 Sensitive and other adverse psychological problems .

6、 Maintain a healthy personality . Train the youth to be healthy 、 Independent 、 Complete personality is the ultimate goal of adolescent mental health education , It is an important guarantee for teenagers to adapt to the society .

7、 Good social adaptation . Teenagers with mental health can adapt to the change of environment quickly , Can keep good contact and adaptation with the real environment .

8、 The right sense of self . Teenagers with mental health are confident 、 self-esteem 、 self-love , Without remorse 、 blame oneself 、 Low self-esteem .

9、 Face reality 、 Accept reality . Teenagers with mental health have lofty ideals , Without indulging in unrealistic fantasies . To life 、 We can face up to the difficulties and challenges in our study 、 Dispose of properly .

10、 love your life 、 Love learning . People with mental health cherish and love life , And can actively participate in life , Enjoy life .

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