Du Mu Ji (landscape) 1-5

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1. Jianglou

Drink Fangchun wine alone , Jiang Lou is half drunk .

Who surprised a line of geese , Thrust the cloud across the river .

Notes on nine songs :

People can't go back to Jianglou when they are drunk , The wild goose breaks the river and the cloud flies to its hometown , People are not as good as geese . The whole poem is implicit , This paper .2. South Building of Kaiyuan Temple, Xuanzhou

It's just a bed in a small building , All day long, the mountains are full of wine .

It's a pity that the wind and rain come at night , The sound of idling through the window while drunk .

Notes on nine songs :

Lying in a small building in the daytime , Look at the wine ; To spend the night drunk , Don't smell the wind and rain . The South Building of Kaiyuan Temple is good , But escapism .3. It's a high Pavilion

The water is connected to the Xijiang River and the sound of the sky , The shadow of the pine in Xiaozhai blows the clouds .

Who taught me to play flute , The moon is bright with the wind of spring .

Notes on nine songs :

The view of Qiju Pavilion is wide , Overlooking the Xijiang River , Feel the waves ; The height of Chengju Pavilion , Pavilion and Yunping . Play the flute together 、 Rely on the wind to make the moon , The shape is the height of the pavilion , It shows the noble character of the Yuan Dynasty .

I prefer to start a sentence , Hearing is followed by vision , As you see, as you hear .4. Water West Temple

Three days to stay , How can I swim again in my life .

The water of the blue river , Go back to cangong building .

Notes on nine songs :

Can Gong Lou refers to Wang can Lou ? But Wang can can't be called can Gong !

I'm reluctant to part with you , Implication of carry forward sentence .5. Qian County houchi jueju

Lingtou duckweed green brocade pool , The summer warbler trills with roses .

No one can watch the light rain all day , Mandarin duck relative bath red clothes .

Notes on nine songs :

The scene of leisure , A feeling of leisure , It's full of love , Is Xiao Du homesick after being released ?

green , Adjectives are verbs .

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