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4 month 10 Japan 20:21, Yipin creators Alliance ( hereinafter referred to as “ Yipin Chuanglian ”) The brainstorm commune was held on time “ Wulin Conference ”, Gather all kinds of people “ hero ” Be present “ Listen to the sea and watch the tide ”“ The hills are small ”“ A word breaks the sky ”.

After a day of voting ,4 month 10 Japanese commune soul catcher ——“ Five famous captors ” The results have been announced , They are in turn : Master Wu Shen Zhai Father peach cream Muban Xiaoxin Hu Ba Lao Huan er Crying oranges ( The person with the highest number of psychic catchers per month will automatically become the psychic catcher of the month , The person who gets the highest number of psychic catchers every year will automatically become psychic catcher of the year ).

Brainstorming (2021 year 4 month 10 Japan ):

One 、 Think and discuss the topic ( Muban Xiaoxin proposition )

Everyone has a different understanding of work . Some people think that only hard work can create a better life , Some people think that the continuous shift work will seriously affect personal life . This seems to be a problem that everyone will struggle with .

Today's topic ——

1. Which do you think is more important, life or work ?

2. When life conflicts with work , How would you choose ?

Two 、 Speculation and Huashan's argument on sword ( In order of appearance )

Hu Ba Lao Huan er :

Life is more important , Life and work have to be separated .

It's like people want both in the face of fish and bear paws , It's impossible , Unless the time is set .

No one is strict :

Whether it's career or life or marriage , I can't get around the vulgar point “ money ” This word . It's the same thing , This is the reality of society , Can't . This question is not easy to answer , I can only say one thing .

The goblin :

Work is as important as life . If you don't have a job to earn money to make a living , There is no time to be quiet ? Of course , If there is no life , Work seems to have lost more than half of its meaning .

Without food and clothing , Life is more important , vice versa .

Zeng Yi Wen Qing :

Isn't work for life ? Why else do people have to work ? This should be a causal relationship .

Take your work to the next level , It should be called career . The biggest contradiction is career and marriage .

Society is real , People also have feelings .

I don't know what to say , Ten years ago, I enjoyed listening to other people's stories . This problem , It reminds me of a lot of friends , They live in every corner . I think of what happened to them , As painful as they are . They love each other , But I had to part —— My words are a little heavy , Let's start a new business . Bring the topic to depth , You can't avoid sadness and loneliness .

There are many excellent writers who write novels , Talk about a topic for a year without heavy samples , It's a novelist's specialty .

It's only half night :

Work is as important as life !

Work is for a better life !

Father peach cream :

I think there is something wrong with this question , Should we ask “ Which is more important, career or life ”?

Not necessarily marriage , Life is not just about marriage .

I think there are several relationships between work and life . First , Work is not necessarily a career , Some jobs just have to be done ; secondly , Life is not just a minimum need , It's not life that needs protection, it's survival .

In life 、 Existence 、 Work 、 In the relationship of career, etc , The ideal relationship is to make your career a part of your life , The most helpless relationship is to work for survival .

Pick up fleeting time :

In fact, this is a question about how to balance . No matter how well one works 、 No matter how high the achievement is , There is no quality of life , Even working overtime for a long time will affect your health , So this kind of life is also a pity .

People work hard to create a better life , Instead of working hard and not thinking about life .

But in reality, we often encounter similar contradictions —— You need to get approval or promotion from the company and leaders , You have to work harder than others , More overtime . But I think , Hard work and quality of life are not completely contradictory , The key is to learn how to arrange time properly 、 Improve your own quality 、 Improve work efficiency, etc . For example, after work time can be appropriate exercise rather than chasing drama ,” Relieve physical fatigue , Keep your head clear , Shopping and chatting time can be changed into reading professional articles , When doing housework, you can also listen to audio works at the same time .

Mr. Feng Yang :

1. Which do you think is more important, life or work ?

life .

2. When life conflicts with work , How would you choose ?

life .

Crying oranges :

Coca Cola company CEO(Brian Dyson, Preaching at the opening ceremony of a university :“ We can imagine that life is a constant toss 5 A ball in the air game . this 5 Two balls for work 、 family 、 health 、 Friends and hearts . The rule of the game is that you have to work very hard to throw this 5 A ball , Don't let them land . Soon you will find that work is a rubber ball . If you miss it , It will bounce back .” however , family 、 health 、 Friends and hearts 4 A ball is made of glass , Once you miss it , They could be damaged , Leave irreparable marks or marks , Even to the ground .

Don't compare yourself to others , It only reduces your original value , Because we are all unique , Everyone is special .

Leaning on driftwood :

Everyone is important , Do your .

firm and unyielding character 123:

Life is different from life , Work is not the same as work .

Cloud travelers :

1. Which do you think is more important, life or work ?

I think life is all of life , Life includes work 、 rest 、 entertainment 、 Learning, etc. , Each other is important . They check and balance each other , Only in this way can we live a good life , And if one of them goes too far , Will lead to other problems .

2. When life conflicts with work , How would you choose ?

Work and play 、 When there is a conflict between study and rest , It depends on whether the specific work is important , Is it necessary to give up entertainment 、 Study and rest . For important work , I'll deal with it in time ; And for unimportant work , I'll make reasonable arrangements .

Master Wu Shen Zhai :

It's a great topic , At first glance, it was carefully prepared !

About work and life , We all know that it's an important part of life , It can be said that on the basis of ensuring individual health , These are the two most important parts . that , We might as well compare life to a balance , And work and life are just at the two ends of the scale , Each as the most important weight . To keep the balance of life , They complement each other 、 Check each other out 、 Interaction , Not one less , If one side is overloaded , Then the other side will feel very helpless and helpless .

This makes us have to correctly handle the relationship between the two , so to speak “ You can't have your cake and eat it too ”, It can also be said that “ enjoy happy life , Happiness is the most important thing ”, More to say “ Two hands , Hard on both hands ”“ play the piano , You can't just grab your eyebrows and moustaches ”“ Never mind the white cat or the black cat , Catching a mouse is a good cat ”……

How to correctly handle the relationship between the two ? This is a matter of different opinions . in the final analysis , It is to combine with personal reality , After all, everyone's different , Only what suits you is the best . Try to keep the balance of your life from being out of balance , Find the gap from the internal cause 、 Put it into practice . We should pay attention to our own development and progress , There can also be poems and distant dreams , And can not be divorced from the reality of human fireworks . Let yourself be grounded and seek development , Let yourself strive for every small goal bravely and confidently , Make your heart strong , Enrich your life , Let work be more than just a means of making a living , It has also become a valuable asset to add fun and strength to one's life ……

“ Words can tell the meaning of a person , Music can tell a person's taste , Clothing can tell a person's aesthetic . From a person's speech and behavior preferences , It can best reflect a person's character 、 Culture and pattern , Also often moisten things silently affect our lives . The details show the character , In small things, we see education . In life , Many small details of life can truly reflect a person's accomplishment , Good qualities are formed in good habits .“ Cultivate them to be used to children ”, Very important !

There are few poems :

About today's topic , I think work is as important as life , But if there's a conflict between the two sides , You can't have your cake and eat it too . We don't have to fight “ Who matters 、 Who doesn't matter ”, Work is a way for us to make a living , It is also a necessary means , Only work can sustain our lives , So its purpose is to serve life .

Give up work to live , This is a very contradictory point . If you give up work to pursue life , Your life will have less conditions to maintain and carry on , So work is for life ; But if you give up your job at the same time , Can also support life , And live a full life 、 If you are rich , That's OK . Because work is a way to serve life , It's also a very important condition , After all, work is for a better life , So work is for a better life . Life is the most important , But it's better to maintain and improve life through work , So they complement each other .

3、 ... and 、 Postscript

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