Professional things to professional people to do

2021-04-27 23:03:01  作者:Life journey

yesterday, I was still Tucao, I can make complaints about how to teach the students how to sing to the students. What should students sing? It's unimaginable

It turns out that this is the case. The students I teach only raise their voices and scream hard! My ears, I can't listen to them

Maybe the leader foresaw the problem. Today, the school music teacher came out

Just after the rain, the playground is still wet, but time is tight, the task is heavy, all our students and teachers went to the playground. The music room is too small for us

I have to say that professional people teach professional things with vigor

At the beginning, I could only sit 1 / 3 of the chair, then "MIMO MIMO" raised my voice, and then I played sticks and drums to read lyrics, and then I played piano dubbing. It really overturned my new seriousness of a song! It turns out that singing a song needs so much preparation. How unprofessional my music lessons should be when I went to school, and what a bad impression those lessons I taught and sang left to students

Finally, I would like to say that today's weather bar, it is cool and overcast, neither rain nor sun, in fact, it is also very good. Otherwise, how hot so many students should be

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