Does your dog have a tacit understanding with you?

2021-04-27 23:02:48  作者:Life journey

Tell me about me , Su Mei and Su Bai , Very good execution .

1. I can understand the meaning of patting trouser legs , Especially Su Mei , When you go out for a walk , No matter where they are , Just hear me slap my trouser legs , Su Mei would immediately run to me , Su Bai followed , It's a little slower than Su Mei , But it can understand what I'm calling it .1. Su Bai will put her legs on my legs or on the chair , As long as I pat my legs or a chair , Here's the picture 1. The ability to be jealous is comparable to that of a vinegar jar , If it's su Bai with my leg , Su Mei would come and bite Su Bai , conversely , Su Bai came to bite Su Mei , Such as this

1. Su Mei and Su Bai , Dogs are dogs after all , But sometimes I feel like they're like people , For example, they can understand the password to go to the toilet , Sometimes you tell them to go to the bathroom from a distance , They just scurry to the bathroom .1. Su Mei is really super sensible , Even though it's still very skinny sometimes , There was a time when it was sleeping with me , It's full of sleep. It's awake , Will get up and stretch , I don't walk , It looks at me before I get up , Then he lay down in bed and continued to sleep .

6. About sleeping This is not the same as Su Mei ," I hear she's still sleeping , Then I'll make some noise , I can't wake her up " So I go around like crazy , Or just find something to bite off , But this time I just call it by its name , It quiets down .

There's a lot to write about , Having a dog is happy and painful , But we're all adults , Learn to be responsible for your choices .

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