Cherries, poems for confidants

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【 Jiuzhou poetry 】 The first face is in the valley , Invite you to stay in the forest .

I've been thin for a long time , Five years of singing to flowers .

Taste sweet honey in summer , I was born with my heart .

What a heavy spring and Autumn period , It's important to meet a bosom friend .

Shikui's comments on starlight :“ A little feeling : deep and secluded valley 、 Houlin , It's quiet . How wonderful a hidden word is ,“ The hermit of flowers ”, It's very visible . Hanlian reminds me of song Shaoyong “ There is no wine for guests , Good flowers bloom to people ” Sentence . The author and cherry are like sincere friends , The sweetness it presents is not a pure heart of mine . Weilian emotional sublimation , More importantly, friendship 、 The depth of friendship ! Level co., LTD. , Guess a thing or two , Don't blame the author !“

【 Begonia society 】 The first 672 Social class homework and comments

When I was a child, there used to be a cherry tree in my family , Little trees , Red and small fruit , Have a taste of sweet and sour . I grew up in Canada , Cherries, which are far different from Chinese cherries , It's my love in early summer . Every June , I meet cherry day by day , Eat a large plate every day , Always enjoy it , Year after year .

So , I once wrote a poem to express my love for cherry :

Five years of infatuation , A bright crystal dish of fairy fruit .

With fragrance and honey, away from worry , My life is full of love .

There was also an essay to express my love for cherry 、 The love of yadoudou :《 Cherry , Oil beans and mung bean ice cream 》, The Manifesto says :” summer , I live on cherries and oil beans .“ Is it a continuation of life , Not important , It is important to , Cherry is my favorite fruit , Not one of them. .

This issue is about cherry , The rule is to write the shape 、 taste 、 Season, etc . How to write ? The cherry season in Canada is the summer of June , The cherry is delicious , The shape of cherry is like agate , Crystal clear . But write like this , It's normal , The compasses , Less surprises .

My cherry love , It's crazy , It's like meeting a confidant . But compare cherries to beauties , And some kitsch , Because cherries are really red and sweet, like pretty pink .

Let's have a grand appointment with Bo Yazi , Equal friendship is the most difficult .

Cherry is delicious, tree is hard to plant , It is said that cherry trees take five years to bear fruit . Then I'll write from now on , I met cherry trees in the valley , On the one hand , Invite him to live with my family . Always looking at Cherry branches shadow thin , There are flowers but no fruits , Write poetry and wait patiently . And once it's done, it's done , I tasted the sweetness of honey , He also got a confidant who could be trusted by Sansheng , The cherry red fruit is like the heart , It's rare that your heart is like mine .

Weilian learned the Internet hit drama 《 Mountains and rivers make 》 In one sentence :” The mountains and rivers are not heavy enough , Meet your confidant again .“ As a thorough ” Shanren “, I once wrote a poem for Shan He Ling :《【 Partridge day 】 Mountains and rivers make 》.

Waiting for June , My cherry date .

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