The visual enjoyment brought to me by a mistake

2021-04-27 23:01:32  作者:Photography

This group of photos shared today are very accidental , Because it's the night scene , The quality of the photos is not enough , But I really like the atmosphere , I can't help sharing it with you .

Ancient buildings photographed from the other side of the lake

I was still in Hangzhou at that time , It's the second time I've moved , Moved to a new environment , I'm not familiar with everything around me , In the process of groping .

It was after work on a weekday , I can't remember the exact time , I just remember that I went out to look for food after work . There is a small food street not far from the house I rent , Selling all kinds of food , There are all kinds of snacks in restaurants . I prefer to buy food , Instead of cooking in a rental house . Of course, there's another reason why we don't cook by ourselves. The kitchen is public , I'm not good at dominating , I feel so embarrassed .

It was a very common foraging operation , walking , Smell a gust of milk , It's a bakery with milk toast coming out of the oven . Smelling the fragrance , The footstep turns the direction unconsciously , Towards the source of fragrance . It's not the first time I've eaten their milk toast , It's very soft and fragrant , Just out of the oven is the best .

After buying toast , I saw the light in the lane next door , I used to come here during the day , Alleys are no different . At night , The bright light catches the eye , I couldn't help being curious , The feet spontaneously go in .

Sure enough , It's not far ahead , Take a turn , Let me find a place of treasure —— A group of antique buildings built in modern cities , In the light and the night , Extraordinarily charming .

At that time , I'm very excited , I'm sorry I didn't find this treasure place earlier .

Next , I'll take you through the scenery here ——

Same location as the previous one , In a different direction

In this area are all these antique buildings , Does it feel good to look at it ?

First sight

Actually , This is the first sight I saw when I turned into the alley , It's also because of seeing people here for leisure and entertainment , I just feel at ease and dare to stroll up .

“ Avenue of stars ”

Look at this corridor , It's like the avenue of stars ? I think it's very similar , unfortunately , It was being repaired , I didn't take a walk right away , Feel it , I came into the feeling very late , ha-ha , There's nothing special about it .

Close up

What's the name of this place? , I haven't been able to figure it out , It's quite a big place , The buildings look alike , But the details are quite different , Need to savor .

Close up 2

The panes of this house are obviously different from those in the previous photo , Another flavor .

street lamp

The roadside lamps are also antique , Full of flavor .

Running water

And this kind of landscaping , The water comes from the fountain , Plants are kept in pots , I don't see it , ha-ha ~ It's unique ~

Plum blossom embedded in the wall

This scene , Tell the truth , It's kind of a long story ~ It's not ugly , Plum blossom is also a real tree , Green light alone is OK , But put it all together , Why do I feel so strange ! Give me a kind of “ hell ” The feeling of ~ Hold yourself tight , It's a little chilly ~

Open window

Look up , The window was opened , It's as if a girl will stand by the window the next second , Shake the handkerchief to me ~

Close up 3

The last one

Turn a circle , I've come to the end , It's also here , I know exactly where I am .

Nearby waters , It's a river , Where there is a light belt on the river is an arch bridge . I came across the bridge , Follow the road in front of you , Go straight ahead , You can go straight to the road connected to the arch bridge , I don't look back when I go back .

original , What I call discovery , It's always in front of me , Every time I walk across the river , I can see the ancient buildings here . But before we do that , I always thought it was a private area , Because it looks like the place where big leaders live , It looks very classy . So I never thought about it , It's open to the outside world .

Think about it , I feel more upset , Why didn't you try it bravely , Otherwise I might have met here earlier .

Let it be , It's all fate ~

What about? , Friends , This is a quiet place in the downtown , Did it make you feel a little quieter ?